New Video Emerges of Hamas Massacre


On October 7, Hamas launched a terror attack on Israel, paragliding into a music festival to brutally murder countless innocent people. Since that horrific day, more footage of the incident has made its way online.

As tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to escalate, the war-torn region has become a bloody nightmare. Tragically, it was not long ago that Hamas terrorists shattered the innocence of many young people, leaving them strewn in fields of death.

The international community is now confronted with a denial campaign that hides some of the most horrific acts ever witnessed in this part of the world.

First responders at the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Rei-im in southern Israel discovered a gruesome scene: more than 1,400 people were slaughtered as bullets tore their bodies apart. Elad Simchayoff, an Israeli reporter for Channel 12 News, posted video evidence on X to remind the world why vengeance is being brought down upon Gaza.

It was clear from looking at the carnage that young lives had been taken too soon; their innocence stolen by terrorists who sought only destruction and violence. Simchayoff posted his video online with a powerful caption explaining why he felt it necessary to document this moment: “We’re faced with an unprecedented denial campaign happening in real time… well, here’s your f–king proof.”

In one clip an unidentified IDF soldier can be heard pleading frantically, “Give us a sign of life.” In total about 260 people were killed here alone.

Hamas terrorists gleefully documented their actions during these massacres which include 138 killings and bodies played out on social media footage captured from victims at the music festival, home security cameras and car dash cams. David Maddox spoke out against this cruel act saying “They seemed to be high on drugs or the thrill they clearly felt for the massacre they had committed.”

He goes on to say “Drunk on the blood of their victims”. Tzipi Hotovely also commented saying “There is no negotiation with Hamas. The only thing we can negotiate is the color of flowers on our graves”.


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