New Details Emerge on Hunter Biden Scandal


Emerging details strongly suggest that China owns 100% of Hunter Biden and a big chunk of Joe too. Now that Imperial Leader Biden has been installed as the New World Order’s overseer of North Central America, his cracked up son is back in the news. It seems that he still owns 10% of Chinese firm BHR Partners, which “manages the equivalent of $2.1 billion in assets.”

Hunter didn’t ‘divest’ after all

Isn’t it funny how Hunter Biden seems to have vanished from the network news. Now that we live in a post-constitutional open society where the rules are whatever the Democrats say they are, all it takes is a leak to the media with some disinformation and scandals miraculously vanish in the swamp.

In December, with the Democrat’s Occupy the White House campaign in full swing, the media tried to distance the Biden family from their Chinese overlords.

Multiple reports citing “an unnamed source” familiar “with Hunter Biden and his business dealings” promised that “he was divesting his position in the company.”

A recent check of the Chinese version of Google reveals that the younger Biden still gets a 10% cut.

Publicly available business records in China indicate that Hunter didn’t unload his share of the company as promised.

As of Wednesday, Daily Caller reports, Biden’s U.S. company Skaneateles LLC “continues to hold his equity stake.” They got the data from “business records on Chinese corporations based on China’s National Credit Information Publicity System.”

Sole beneficial owner

Washington D.C. corporate records list only one “beneficial owner” of Skaneateles LLC, Hunter Biden.

Not only do they get to play with $2.1 billion in assets, the company is “co-owned by the Chinese state-controlled Bank of China.” Isn’t that a cozy arrangement?

All the way back in October of 2019, before the FBI took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, his personal lawyer George Mesires claimed that Biden “had not received any return on his investment in BHR.” The emails which already surfaced from the infamous laptop tell a totally different story.

Also at the time, the official statement promised, Biden “would step down from his position on BHR’s board of directors.” He did do that. His dad admitted he knew of his son’s China connection because stepping down from the board showed “the kind of man of integrity he is.” He’s not the crack-smoking, skirt-chasing, alcoholic that the conservative press makes him out to be.

Email threads involving Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin detail that he told Biden “on multiple occasions” that Biden “would begin receiving significant payments from the firm beginning in 2019.”

Other emails allegedly reveal that half the take got kicked back to dad. One email in December 2018 from Schwerin notes that the young playboy “can expect the Chinese firm to generate income for him over the next couple years.”

It looks like Imperial Leader Joe Biden is already breaking his promises. He tried to convince everyone before the selection that “no one in my family” will “have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country.” He was firm about it. “Period. Period. End of story.” The White House isn’t responding to requests for comment.

Biden himself admits that he’s under federal tax investigation and on top of that, several sources are reporting “that investigators are looking into whether Hunter Biden violated money laundering laws in regards to his foreign business dealings in China and elsewhere.” One thing is certain, he’s even more entertaining than Billy Carter ever was.


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