Mysterious Deaths of Officers Now Being Reported


Tragically, a second member of law enforcement tasked with securing the Capitol Building, officer Jeffrey Smith, has ended his own life. This disturbing trend of police officers committing suicide cannot be allowed to continue.

Officers in DC demoralized

The unchecked lawless violence and anarchy which has been raging in the District of Columbia and all across America for the past year is having a deadly effect on those who swear to uphold the law. The side which fought in the streets with bear spray and fireworks to defund the police got their way.

When a mob of barbarians invaded the Capitol Building on January 6, they entered so easily that many wonder if security allowed it to happen. At least two police veterans have decided they can’t take the shame any longer. “The police officers are out here, you know, they’ve been in, really in a state of just dealing with constant trauma and tragedy since the beginning of the unrest in the early part of the summer,” Acting Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee admits.

The news of Smith’s death broke on Tuesday in a House Appropriations Committee hearing. Contee followed up with more details at a press conference on Wednesday. Jeffrey Smith was among the defenders who fought off the staged attack on the special session of Congress.

He was injured “while trying to help contain the mob.” He acknowledges that “the officers are angry, and I don’t blame them. The entire executive team failed us, and they must be held accountable. Their inaction cost lives.”

Learning of his suicide was devastating to all the officers. “That was a very sad and tragic situation for us,” the acting chief relates.

“He had been injured as a result of the confrontation that had occurred at the Capitol and a couple of days after that, the officer, he took his life.” He left for work that that morning and decided he couldn’t face another day. “Smith was apparently on his way to work on the George Washington Parkway when he took his own life.”

Officers Smith and Liebengood.

The second suicide

Because the location officer Smith chose to spend his final moments in is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Park Police, they will be handling the investigation.

“Obviously again, our condolences go to the Smith family, his entire family, for such a tragic loss,” Contee laments. With two officers having committed suicide since the highly questionable incident, it’s impossible to avoid speculation that there may be more to it.

Howard Liebengood, the second of the two officers, was assigned to the Capitol Police, while Smith was assigned to the Metro PD. Liebengood also “died by suicide after being on duty at the Capitol on January 6.”

Questions are swirling about the role played by an organization called “Q” or “Q-Anon” which some say is really a branch of the FBI in disguise. The timing on the unfortunate demise of both men inevitably leads to speculation they may have been “Clintoned.”

Despite ample warning of all the trouble brewing ahead of the special session, reserve officers were allowed to go home. The barbarians practically strolled in the gates. There were more selfies taken by police with the invaders than images showing any attempt at resistance. Questions about it being an inside job sound more realistic every day.

Especially when nobody seems to be denying any of the accusations. Acting Capitol Police chief, Yogananda Pittman, testified before the House Appropriations Committee and “apologized for the department’s failure to adequately prepare for the attack despite knowing days in advance that armed militia groups and white supremacists posed a threat.” She got the job when Steven Sund resigned in disgrace.


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