Details Emerge on Plan to Surround Capitol


Armed deplorables are on their way to Washington, D.C., by the thousands. The plan, CNN reports, is to “surround the US Capitol ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.” The left-leaning network got their inside information on Monday, from House member Conor Lamb (T-PA), who couldn’t wait to get to their studio.

Surround the Capitol – again

At the briefing, nervous lawmakers learned of “about 4,000 armed ‘patriots'” planning to “surround the Capitol and prevent any Democrat from going in.” The traitor from Pennsylvania is terrified that the angry supporters of the Constitution “have published rules of engagement, meaning when you shoot and when you don’t.”

What really makes traitorous lawmakers who continue to ignore their oaths of office nervous is that “this is an organized group that has a plan.” Not only are they organized but they are determined. “They are committed to doing what they’re doing because I think in their minds, you know, they are patriots and they’re talking about 1776.”

Since Wednesday, the media has been broadcasting the clear message that the New World Order is firmly in control. “We are not negotiating with or reasoning with these people. They have to be prosecuted. They have to be stopped. And unfortunately, that includes the President, which is why he needs to be impeached and removed from office.”

Even though last week’s barbarian raid on the Capitol Building is looking more and more like an inside job every day, progressives continue to blame the whole thing on President Donald Trump, who will be giving a speech from the Alamo on Tuesday.

The briefing to Congress about the latest peaceful demonstration to occur at the Capitol followed a bulletin put out by the FBI, alerting law enforcement nationwide that “armed protests” are brewing in “all 50 state capitols” along with the one growing in D.C. Anxious lawmakers “were walked through several scenarios.” The first thing that officials pointed out is that security will be a lot tighter this time around.

A psychological warfare operation.

Several security officers are in scalding hot water for virtually opening the doors to the barbarian horde. The invaders are being called Trump supporters but nobody is seriously believing that. It looks more like a psychological warfare operation. Not surprisingly, an Army psy-op officer, Emily Rainey, was just identified by the New York Post as responsible for busing in at least 300 people to the Capitol that fateful day.

Details are still emerging. The fingerprints of domestic terror group “Q” or “Q-Anon” is all over the raid. Many have been asking how they were allowed to continue their subversive efforts for years unless they are a deep state branch of the government, perhaps even the FBI. Many believe that exceptionally radical and gullible individuals were “groomed” to act on “cue.”

If the invaders had been met with decisive force last Wednesday, they would have been easily repelled. While images of barbarians roaming the Capitol are swamping the internet, very few of them show law enforcement.

The ones that do, show security officers taking selfies with the barbarians. There will be a serious National Guard presence this time around also.

The traitorous Mayor of D.C., Muriel Bowser, begged deplorables not to invade her Capitol city. Secret Service is already setting up their command posts. Federal, state, and local police will all be on hand and visible. Bowser is losing sleep at night over the “very extreme factions in our country that are armed and dangerous.”

There are other credible but vague “threats” floating around which law enforcement is prepping for. The FBI bulletin notes, “various threats to harm President-Elect Biden ahead of the presidential inauguration.” Also, “additional reports indicate threats against VP-Elect Harris and Speaker Pelosi.”


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