Mayhem as Congress Attacked by Howling Mob in…


The citizens of Brazil aren’t happy at all with their new leader. They stormed their congressional building and ransacked the Capitol, Presidential Palace and Supreme Court on Sunday. Joe Biden isn’t happy because he’s afraid Americans might get the same idea.

Brazil in chaos

The whole reason the government of Brazil is in the process of being overthrown is because Socialist Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was elected in an allegedly stolen election. Just like Donald Trump, the man who’s office was stolen from him, Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is working from exile in Florida.

Also like Trump, Bolsonaro doesn’t want to take unnecessary heat for what his supporters are doing on their own, even though he’s grinning from ear-to-ear about it.

When Bolsonaro heard the news, he compared the attack to “left-wing riots that occurred across Brazil in 2013 and 2017.

Those were wrong and out of control and these are, too. “Such protests were outside the law,” he reminded. He’s still personally thrilled to see “thousands of pro-Bolsonaro rioters wearing Brazil’s green and yellow colors smash windows and loot the seat of their nation’s government.

Peaceful demonstrations are one thing, but please don’t cause violence and destruction, he advises. “Peaceful demonstrations, within the law, are part of democracy.

However, vandalism and the invasion of public buildings like today’s acts, and like those practiced by the left in 2013 and 2017, are an exception.” He refuses to concede that he “lost” the election in Brazil but that’s not the way to bring him back, he’s pretty much forced to say.

Not inciting the violence

Everything that’s happening right now in Brazil may be in his name, and it may be violent, but Bolsonaro insists that he’s not “inciting” it. The president in exile is tied with Trump for most controversial Florida resident.

Some “Democrats are pushing to extradite him out of the U.S.” Meanwhile, back in the jungle, “Brazilian authorities were able to retake control of the government buildings by Sunday evening.” Things will not go well for the protesters.

As “many as 1,200 pro-Bolsonaro protesters had been arrested and were being detained at the Brazilian Army headquarters near the capital.” Joe Biden is terrified that the same thing could happen in D.C. and he was quick to make a statement.

I condemn the assault on democracy and on the peaceful transfer of power in Brazil,” Biden had the nerve to post on Twitter. “Brazil’s democratic institutions have our full support and the will of the Brazilian people must not be undermined. I look forward to continuing to work with President Lula.

Lula has promised to crack down hard on the resistance movement in Brazil. There is “no precedent in the history of our country” for the attack on the capital, deriding the riots as “acts of vandals and fascists.” The biggest problem for Lula is that the police and military are on the opposing side. “Lula also accused the local security forces of acting in ‘bad faith or malice‘ for mishandling the riots.

Lula’s furious. “You will see in the images that [police officers] are guiding people on the walk to Praca dos Tres Powers. We are going to find out who the financiers of these vandals who went to Brasilia are, and they will all pay with the force of law.


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