Maxwell Trial Update


The first week of trial for Ghislaine Maxwell covered a lot of ground but didn’t produce any explosive revelations. She’s been charged with procuring girls as young as 14, as playmates for Jeffrey Epstein, her and their freaky friends.

Maxwell cool in court

Ghislaine Maxwell has been cool as a cucumber in court, even daring to turn the tables by sketching the sketch artist with apparently evil intent. On Monday, the emotions were at peak levels as “Jane” testified to the twisted perversion she was subjected to as a tender young 14-year-old.

Ghislaine gave all the orders and even explicit instructions on the proper way of pleasuring Epstein. They often had full on round the world orgies and there wasn’t much she could do about it. Then, there were the sex toys.

Epstein’s former pilot, Lawrence Visoski testified about flying all sorts of high powered people all over the place, with Maxwell making the arrangements, but never saw anything naughty.

“He confirmed former President Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and former President Bill Clinton had all flown on it. Along with other big names like Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and violinist Itzhak Perlman.” He also “told the court he never saw any sexual activity on the flight, or any underage girls without their parents.”

The jury was told all about the photos Epstein kept “outside the bedroom he shared with” Ghislaine Maxwell.

Especially one of a “girl sitting across his lap as he appears to be ‘pulling her underwear’ and biting her bum.” Things got into full swing by Thursday.

Heavy testimony Thursday

As the fourth day of testimony in the Maxwell trial began, Paul Kane of New York City’s Professional Children’s School verified the validity of “a document listing Jeffrey Epstein as ‘person of financial responsibility’ for a 12th grade student’s application.” After that, expert witness Dr Lisa Rocchio took the stand to explain to the jury all the ins and outs of “grooming.”

Jeffrey and Ghislaine used all the classic techniques. “These predatory behaviors included establishing relationships with the parents of the child in an effort to gain the child’s trust, persuading trafficking victims with gifts or money, gradually normalizing sexual assault and abuse, and isolating their victims from potential support groups.”

The star witness of the week was Juan Patricio Alessi. He was born in Ecuador and worked for the mother of Lex Wexner before Jeffrey Epstein hired him as house manager. He testified that none of the girls ever complained to him of abuse, but he “wished they had” so he could have done something about it.

Meanwhile, he kept the sex toys clean, hundred dollar bills in all the cars, and plenty of kid cereal in the pantry. He started out having a close relationship to both Epstein and Maxwell but that changed. He “had his own room at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion” and would “bring his wife and other girls to help him” when working. He also signed a Non-disclosure agreement which prevented him from saying a word. On Friday, police testified about the “twin torpedo” vibrators they recovered from the closet of the massage room.

The checklist Maxwell gave him ordered “Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you.” He verified the existence of two “black book” phone number collections. The prosecutor was ready to hug him because now they can be introduced into evidence. The jury was gripped by testimony “of the normalized routine of Epstein’s child sex abuse.”

Alessi “remembered Epstein would receive three massages a day.” He also identified “several other individuals that were present at Epstein’s Palm Beach Mansion,” specifically mentioning Sarah Kellen “and recalling several instances of witnessing ‘Jane’ and Epstein child sex trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre Roberts at Epstein’s Florida address.”


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