MASS ANARCHY Forces Them to Close


Because lawless violence is totally out of control near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the popular “Wawa” chain of east coast grocers has been forced to close locations and cut hours. Another pair of armed robberies has them placing safety over profits.

Lawless anarchy and danger

Lawless anarchy is totally out of control in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Recently, Wawa announced the refusal of Democrat city officials to provide police or prosecute criminals has led directly to the permanent closure of two locations.

Since then, local shoppers learned that “nine Wawa’s in Northeast Philly and Bucks County are shutting down overnight,” from now on.

As of Friday, October 21, the armed robbery suspect continues to elude detectives. The two related robberies both happened in Bucks County “but a store in Somerton is on the list” of closures.

That Wawa location had been running 24 hours for convenience to the public but safety must come first. That store and others in troubled lawless neighborhoods will remain open until midnight then close until 5:00 a.m. “Safety comes first before your coffee,” company spokesperson Kim Dorman insists.

You know things are totally out of control when the lawless bandits are bold enough to rob two stores in the same chain back-to-back on consecutive nights.

Since that’s the way the neighborhood wants to play, “officials announced they’re closing nine stores spanning from Northeast Philadelphia, to Bensalem and Churchville from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.

Blame the city officials

Workers on the night shift can thank Philadelphia officials for choosing to help the lawless criminals instead of the cops when they have no place to go for food. “If I’m working night shifts, I come here,” Kevin Varghese told reporters. Not anymore.

You won’t be able to buy groceries in the wee hours but this won’t affect the gas pumps.

Wawa was quick to assure consumers that the “overnight closures do not include credit card gas purchases.” If you’re willing to risk a carjacking to top off the tank at 3:00 a.m. the pump will work.

Proving that management cares about their employees as much as they want to protect the safety of their customers from lawless chaos, none of the employees are getting their hours cut.

While safely locked indoors overnight, staff will continue all the routine restocking, inventory checks and housekeeping. They’ll be able to do it more efficiently as well without having to spend time running a cash register or keeping an eye on potential shoplifters.

It’s safer for them in today’s world, I think, it’s a good idea,” Dorman explains. The local ambulance crews are cursing their lawless neighbors. “Being in EMS, where do we have to go? A lot of places are closing since COVID, so Wawa is always there for us,” one first responder relates. Not anymore.


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