Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Drops Massive Bombshell

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn Drops Massive Bombshell

Lt. General Michael Flynn has dropped a massive bombshell about COVID, stating in a recent interview that he believes it to be a ‘weaponized operation’ from the Chinese Communist Party against the United States.

During the interview, Lt. General Flynn cited House Intelligence report that said COVID-19 was likely a result of a leak from the Wuhan lab, stating that the government needs to reveal to the American people what it knows about virus experiments in China.

“The people in this country are demanding answers. I believe what we are going to find out is that this was a weaponized operation by the nation of China with some collaboration with other countries,” Flynn said.

The House Intelligence Committee tweeted about the ongoing investigation into whether COVID leaked out of a Chinese virology lab in Wuhan, writing: “As this process continues, we must ‘allow the Intelligence Community and other scientific and medical experts, to objectively weigh and assess all available facts, and to avoid any premature or politically-motivated conclusions.'”

Lt. General Flynn also talked about the consequences of the Democrats’ authoritarian COVID lockdowns, noting that the American people are now demanding accountability from the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is asking the U.S. Intelligence Community to ‘redouble’ their efforts in investigating the origins of the pandemic, despite the fact that upon taking office, he ended Donald Trump‘s investigation into the matter.


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