Lori Lightfoot Has a Lot of Explaining to Do After THIS Happens


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has some awkward questions to answer and whole lot of explaining to do. She needs to provide some serious clarification on how the killers of a popular local Black artist knew exactly when he would walk through the front doors of her city jail. The only possible answer to that is they had inside information. Mayor “Groot” is allegedly considering disbanding the entire Chicago Police Department because of it.

Mayor Lightfoot missing in action

The final curtain came down hard on “drill” rapper KTS Dre, aka Kutthroat Dreko, aka Londre Sylvester. He went out in a glorious hail of gunfire that seems to have been choreographed like one of his stage productions.

Since then, bug-eyed lesbian Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been missing in action. She’s afraid someone will ask her who the rat in her jail is. The one who dropped a dime on Sylvester so his competitors could be ready to gun him down in cold blood.

The 31-year-old Black performer was chilling in Cook County Jail because he violated “a previous bond in a 2020 gun case.” When he wasn’t on stage, Sylvester liked to hang out with his friends in the “Lakeside faction of the Gangster Disciples.”

Another thing Lightfoot needs to dig some answers up to is why he was behind bars since June. That appears to be another setup. He was allegedly busted for running errands on his allotted day to run errands. The rapper was on house arrest since December. At least that’s what his lawyer said before it became a moot point.

Mayor Lightfoot doesn’t have a single word to say about why he wasn’t released when his fiancé posted his bail on Friday. The 60-year-old woman who was standing next to Sylvester when “a car pulled up around 8:50 p.m. Saturday and two gunmen fired off dozens of shots” would really like to know.

She was “struck in the knee and taken to Stroger Hospital, where she was listed in good condition.” According to official public records, “Sylvester’s fiancé had put up $5,000 on Friday to secure his release.”

How the gunmen knew

The local ABC affiliate is wondering “why Sylvester did not walk out of the jail until the next day, or how the gunmen knew he would be leaving then.”

They asked the Cook County sheriff’s office and got the run-around. Cook County “deferred comment to the Chicago Police Department, which declined to release any more details of the attack.” Mayor Lightfoot remains in hiding.

The gangster rapper was “struck in the face and chest and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.” Another innocent bystander, a 35-year-old woman, “was grazed by a bullet to her face.”

She can’t wait to get Lightfoot up on a podium for a good grilling about the incident. Witnesses thought they heard fireworks going off but they live in Chicago so aren’t phased by a little gunfire. “The woman, who asked that her name not be used, said they ducked inside their cars and waited for the shots to end.”

Another thing that Lightfoot will have to come up with some answers too is why Sylvester was in jail in the first place so his enemies could be tipped to his release. That seems as fishy as the hit itself.

“A judge had granted him four hours each Thursday to leave the house to run errands, but sheriff’s officials claimed he’d violated those conditions by visiting ‘various locations in Chicago and Wisconsin’ on June 11.” His public defender called for a bond hearing, claiming he was illegally detained “after running errands during the allotted time on the allotted day of the week.”


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