Continued Abuse of Power Has Renewed the Push for Biden Impeachment


Imperial Leader Joe Biden continues to abuse the power of arguably illegitimate authority and conservative nationalists who still believe in the Constitution are furious. His ill conceived schemes and blatant crony-ism are provoking more and more Americans to call for his impeachment every day.

Time for impeachment

There are lots of reasons to consider the impeachment of Joe Biden. Conservatives are seriously wondering about his mental health. He falls down stairs and forgets his lines in front of the TV cameras. Half the time he has no idea what he’s even babbling about.

His Wisdom may sit on the Imperial throne but he’s obviously not calling the shots. All he does is sign the foot high stack of Palace Decrees his handlers leave on his desk every morning, then go play with his dog. Unless he has some back-room deals to make with friends of his crack-head son Hunter Biden, that is.

The Federal Bureau of Instigation has been keeping a tight lid on what they found in Hunter Biden’s laptop. There isn’t a single doubt in anyone’s mind that all of the incriminating emails and images are totally authentic. Charging anyone for it is totally out of the question.

If they were really interested in enforcing America’s laws, then Hunter, Joe, and half the family would already be behind bars. The FBI had plenty of time to complete an investigation and issue a report, long before the 2020 election cycle even confirmed the Primary winners. Instead, they buried it and still pretend the evidence does not exist. That’s grounds for impeachment all by itself, some say.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a controversial freshman lawmaker who dares to speak her conservative mind. As the Anti-AOC it’s easy to see why she reliably makes liberal heads explode every time she opens her mouth. Greene just “issued a petition” on social media calling for Joe Biden’s impeachment.

She also “accused his son Hunter of ‘shady dealings.'” The Biden family crime syndicate has gotten so bold that they’re selling Hunter Biden’s amateur artwork for grand master prices to anonymous buyers. For $500,000 you can own a Hunter Biden original. A snapshot of it hanging on the wall is good for one free meeting with the “big guy” but that’s not listed on the purchase contract.

Demanding half the take

Everyone knows that Joe Biden insists on taking his “cut” of anything Hunter shook the Chinese, the Ukrainians, and the Russians down for. Not only was he abusing his power with Hunter by demanding half the take, he’s abusing the power of the office he holds.

He alleges the right to hold it but even questioning the integrity of the election could bring FBI investigators down on your head. That’s more reason for impeachment.


In the social media post that Greene put up on Telegram, calling for immediate impeachment of the possibly illegitimate ruler, the photo showed her dwarfed by former Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka, proudly helping hold the “Impeach Biden” sign.

They made sure to set the stage for the photo by standing “in front of a picture of Ronald Reagan and a map of the 2016 presidential election results.” As of Tuesday, The Sun reports, that post “has been viewed more than 26,000 times.”

A growing mob of conservatives are howling for impeachment and if Antifa® can get away with their peaceful demonstrations then conservatives start thinking about bringing bring bear spray, commercial fireworks, Molotov cocktails, and green lasers when they go demonstrate.

Then they think again and realize that they could never do that because they believe in law and order. Smashing windows at the welfare office or looting the local Black businesses won’t solve the problem.


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