Knock Knock, Its Your Friendly Biden Gestapo

Knock Knock, Its Your Friendly Biden Gestapo

You may be hearing a knock on your door in the very near future from Joe Biden‘s gestapo. The Biden administration has rolled out his door-to-door vaccination agenda, and it’s raising serious concerns.

Thanks to Biden’s plan, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has assembled “surge teams” of door-knockers, and they will be heading to local communities as early as next week.

Some eager Democrat-run states aren’t even waiting for federal oversight. This past weekend, volunteers in Illinois joined the Community Health Ambassador Outreach Door-Knocking Project in an effort to increase acceptance of the COVID vaccine. They were given an instruction manual from the campaign team.

According to reporting by One America News, “Volunteers were instructed to ignore ‘no soliciting’ signs and stick to their script, which included directions to inform Americans that vaccines were ‘the first step to getting our lives back’ and a part of the solution. The vaccination status of taxpayers would then be added to a data base to present ‘important information that the health department is relying on.'”

It has not been specified how the Department of Public Health will be using this private medical information.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made it clear in a press conference that the Biden administration is not backing down on pushing this experimental vaccine.

“The failure to provide accurate public health information including the efficacy of vaccines and the accessibility of them to people across the country… is literally killing people,” she claimed. “It is something that we will continue to work with local groups to do.”

Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert pointed out the mixed messages coming from the White House in a post on Twitter.

Other conservatives, like former candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives Jesse Kelly, are warning Americans not to invite the federal government into their homes, predicting that it could lead to further constitutional violations in the future and stressing that the door-to-door campaign was less about educating Americans and more about pressuring them.

“They’re trying to shame you into it. That’s what this is… When someone asks you something face to face, it could be hard to say no. That’s what this is. They’re going to try to shame you into it,” Kelly said.


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