Drug Lord Hit Squad Tried to Murder Investigative Journalist Who Was Directly Over the Target


Hit squads hired by a Drug Lord are wreaking havoc in Amsterdam killing at will. Acclaimed investigative journalist Peter De Vries was gunned down sustaining four gunshot wounds to the abdomen and one to the head just outside the Netherlands television studio where he was filming a talk show appearance in broad daylight.

De Vries is clinging to life in an area hospital. He had been acting as “a representative and media spokesman” for a key witness in the massive Marengo trial of 17 members of the “mocro” or Moroccan mafia.

A Hit From A Moroccan Drug Lord

De Vries became well known in the US and around the world for his high-profile Emmy award-winning investigation into the involvement of Joran van der Sloot in the 2005 disappearance of Natalie Holloway in Aruba.

Peter de Vries would be the third associate of the witness known as Narbil. B to be targeted for assassination. The Daily Beast writes, “The alleged drug kingpin at the center of the sprawling trial is charged in connection with six murders and four attempted murders.

Dutch prosecutors suspect that he is also behind the assassinations of the brother and lawyer of the snitch who is due to testify against him, although they admit they have insufficient evidence to press charges.”

That “alleged kingpin” Ridouan Taghi was captured by Police two years ago in Dubai before being extradited to Dutch authorities. He was described by Amsterdam’s police chief as “one of the world’s most dangerous and wanted men”. De Vries told the press before the shooting, he had been informed that Taghi ordered a hit on him.

According to The Guardian,

“Everyone from European leaders to the Dutch king Willem-Alexander and Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema have expressed their shock at the ambush of “national hero” De Vries as he walked back to his car on Tuesday after recording a chatshow, on a busy street in broad daylight[…] many are speculating whether it is coincidence that De Vries, who made his name reporting on the kidnap of brewing magnate Freddy Heineken in the 1980s, has recently been involved in a high-profile gangland drug and murder court case, known as the Marengo trial.”

Attempted Murder Suspects In Custody

Two men have been taken into custody on suspicion of De Vries’ attempted murder. Delano Geerman, 21, a Rotterdam rap musician known as “Demper”, or “Slick” and his driver a 35-year-old Polish national Kamiel Egiert, 35 were arrested. TheTimes.co.uk reports that police have raided Geerman’s home in Tiel July 7th and that he has a prior criminal record.


According to the Telegraaf Delano is the nephew of a man named Jaouad aka Joey W., currently serving a 13 year sentence for his role in what they called a ‘murder on demand’ service. DutchNews.nl explains further,

“Jaouad, or Joey W is said to be linked to Ridouan Taghi, another gangster who is currently on trial with 16 others for a string of murders and other crimes.  De Vries was supporting crown witness Nabil B in that trial.”

Disclosure: The author has been answering this question for sixteen years and no, he is not related to Natalee Holloway.



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