Kamala Harris Goofs Up BAD, Accidentally Destroys Democrats Narrative

Kamala Harris Goofs Up BAD, Accidentally Destroys Democrats Narrative

Instead of actually doing her job, Kamala Harris is content posting feel-good slogans on Twitter. Her latest tweet has her in hot water as more Americans are calling her out for her lack of action on the border crisis.

Joe Biden gave Kamala Harris the task of overseeing the administration’s handling of the illegal immigration crisis, yet she has done nothing. She has not given a single press conference on the issue, and it appears that she hasn’t even visited the border.

Instead, Kamala Harris is ignoring the border crisis and posting a picture of herself aboard a private plane with the cringey caption: “Brighter days are ahead.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich confirmed in an interview on Fox Business Harris has failed to respond to his official invitation to tour the crisis-stricken US-Mexico border.

“I guess if you were a philosopher you would say no response is a very loud response because we’ve not received any response,” Brnovich told Fox Business’ Dagen McDowell.

Calling Out Kamala’s Failure

As Harris continues to fail at her job, the American people are getting sick of it.

One Twitter user responded to Harris’ tweet, writing: “Same political rhetoric. Different politician. Who will be seeing these brighter days ahead? Actual American citizens or immigrants?”

Other Twitter users also made the same point, that the “brighter days” seem to be for illegals, not American citizens that the Biden administration is ignoring.

Another Twitter user asked if she was flying to the border, which she should be doing. “See you are flying. Does your pilot know which direction south is? If so have him head to the southern border to see the humanitarian crisis that you all have caused,” he wrote.

The Bottom Line

Democrats are cheering for Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, saying that they are doing a wonderful job. But are they even doing anything? Harris’ tweet shows the true nature of the Biden administration: all talk, no action.


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