Joe Manchin Makes SHOCK CONFESSION… He’s DONE!


Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) the fraudulent “moderate” from West Virginia, just spilled the beans on himself.

This is a big mistake, and he will pay for it big league.

Now that he got what he wanted, he is finally telling the hard truth about his new spending bill.


We have to go back to interviews right after Schumer and Manchin announced they had come to an agreement.

Manchin did the Sunday morning circuit and begged Americans to trust him and called out Republicans for being mad at him over this legislation.

He was specifically asked how he could back another reconciliation spending bill when the last one contributed to the economic problems we are having right now.

Manchin said this bill would help address inflation, and he would never make the same mistake he made last time.

When Manchin was asked if this bill would help inflation, he replied, “Why would it?

“Well, immediately it’s not. … We’ve never [said] anything would happen immediately, like turn the switch on and off.”

The energy credits that can actually help some Americans? Well, according to Joe Manchin, they are a “10-year process.”

He lied, plain and simple, but you know he is getting something out of this legislation because his base is livid.

Whatever it is, it will all come out in the wash soon enough.


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