Israel Reveals Disturbing Find inside Gaza Home


As Israeli forces have made their way deep into the Gaza Strip, they’ve come across some disturbing discoveries, to say the least. But this latest item might be one of the worst.

It was a shocking discovery when Israeli officials announced that their military found an Arabic copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in a children’s room, which was used as a base by Hamas terrorists in northern Gaza over the weekend. In a post on social media, Israel revealed that the book had been highlighted with personal notes and started with words but ended with Jewish blood in the streets.

President Isaac Herzog spoke out about this disturbing discovery in an interview with BBC. He held up the book for inspection, noting signs of it having been put to personal use.

According to Herzog, this book and its contents have led to genocide and World War II. He remarked that terrorists have studied Hitler’s ideology which is to hate Jews, kill them or cause harm wherever they are located. This is what he termed as “the real war we are facing” and a blatant reminder of why fascism should never be tolerated again.

In 2011, Mein Kampf saw an increase in sales after it was listed as an e-book on Amazon for just 99 cents under the category Propaganda & Political Psychology section. It has also since been distributed by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to his top officials as part of their leadership skills manual.

The 387-page anti-Semitic manifesto written by Hitler before he rose to power has caused much pain throughout history and will not soon be forgotten until justice has been served for those affected by its contents and their aftermaths alike.


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