Breaking: Presidential Candidate’s Life in Danger


Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has requested Secret Service protection multiple times in the past without resolution. Now, he has called for it once more in light of an intruder who was arrested twice at his home on Wednesday, October 25.

The campaign has hired Gavin de Becker & Associates for security, who found and detained the individual until police arrived on the scene.

Kennedy originally ran as a Democrat against President Joe Biden, but has since announced he will be running as an independent instead. The man who was arrested, Jonathan Macht of Pacific Palisades California, asked to see Kennedy when he visited his home.

Unaware that Macht had already been issued an emergency protective order during his first visit, police were forced to arrest him again during his second appearance because of the violation of said order.

Kennedy’s campaign released a letter addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in hopes of gaining Secret Service protection due to this incident being their third formal request for it; they referred back to another incident involving Adrian Aispuro from September in which a man wearing a U.S Marshal’s badge came armed with weapons to one of Kennedy’s events before being promptly arrested on charges of impersonating a U.S marshal and weapon possession.

They stated that if allowed free access without repercussions Macht could potentially come into contact with Kennedy once more and cause harm or disruption in some way. The campaign requested that Secret Service be given permission by the Biden administration so they can protect not only Kennedy but also reduce risk posed towards others around him including general public members as well as helping secure the electoral process itself according to law regulations pertaining it’s usage in such cases like these ones.

Dennis Kucinich, whom is currently serving as campaign manager for Kennedy, issued an open letter earlier this week directed towards President Joe Biden himself, bring up facts about both JFK (Kennedy’s uncle) and RFK (his father) being assassinated while holding office or running for president respectively in order to bring attention onto how important it is that measures are taken directly by authorities.


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