Immigrant Attack Mob Led by Liberal Activist


An American citizen activist, Roberto Marquez, was the one who instigated the immigrant mob flagpole attack at the El Paso border last week. BPD agents were forced to open fire with pepper balls against the obviously organized invaders. You can bet Marquez is a registered Democrat. They’re easy to spot because they ignore any law they disagree with and intentionally break others to violently prove their points.

Activist led invasion

A progressive activist was behind the whole thing, The New York Post is reporting. An attempted invasion of the United States by previously deported Venezuelans happened on Monday, October 31.

The incursion was led, organized, funded and supplied by none other than Dallas, Texas resident Roberto Marquez. The guerrilla “artist” is now claiming it was “a stunt which went wrong.” He ended up in custody for it.

Marquez admitted to local reporters that “he organized the gathering of migrants.” The activist and his followers “stormed toward officers waving giant Venezuelan and Honduran flags.” To make sure they got lots of media attention, they had a huge American flag with “We the migrants built America” stitched in.

While it is true that We the PEOPLE are mostly descended from immigrant ancestors, they at least had the courtesy to obey our immigration laws. America has enough criminals already, without letting in an unlimited number of border jumpers.

These were not the normally peaceful asylum seekers which Customs and Border Patrol agents are used to encountering. The activist and his horde came wet-backing across the Rio Grande in attack formation.

The situation became violent after one Border Patrol agent was attacked with a flag pole and another was hit was a rock.” They may have their hands tied by liberal Biden policies but they don’t have to put up with that.

Less-lethal crowd control

In these politically correct days where everything comes with a warning label, pepper ball bullets are considered “less-lethal.” They kill a whole lot less people than the lead ones but if one were to hit you in the eye, you would probably be a goner.

The activist and his troops retreated hastily when BPD opened fire. They work just dandy for crowd control and the feds can’t be sued for promising “non-lethal.” Agents were shocked when the Venezuelans squared up across the river.

According to Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol union, “it was an unusual to see a seemingly spontaneous uprising.” It turned out not to be so spontaneous. An agitating activist had it all planned out.


All except for the return fire. “That type of an organized effort does not normally come from people who are just coming up from another country that are going to be asking for asylum.

Almost all of the invading mob were “Venezuelan asylum-seekers who had already crossed the international border and had been expelled to Mexico.” They were really ticked off about that because Joe Biden practically promised every single Venezuelan that they can stay.

If they would have known they could be deported, they would have stayed home. That’s why it was so easy for the liberal activist to stir them up into an invasion force. America is going to look exactly like Venezuela soon anyway. Thanks to the New World Order socialist policies.


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