Media Silence on Possible Border Infiltration by Pros


Three really suspicious “migrants” were rounded up after breaching the border on Thursday. Once again, the mainstream network media is hiding the truth. Nothing about this encounter was typical but media shrugs it off as just more asylees, when they say anything at all. To go that extra mile, the mainstream is blurring the faces of those arrested to make it less obvious that these guys don’t come from Latin America.

No border security threat

Palace Minister of Domestic Security Alejandro Mayorkas swears up and down that there isn’t a single problem with national security along our wide-open southern border.

On Thursday, three men were arrested. Not where migrants are normally arrested, near well established smuggling routes. These three were nabbed in New Mexico. Even more unusual they went to great lengths in an attempt to evade detection.

These days, most migrants hike across the border and go running right up to the closest CBP agent they can find, asking for water and a ride to the nearby processing center. All they want to do is get somewhere air conditioned until they can catch a bus for the Big Apple. Not these guys.

Patrol agents in the El Paso Sector arrested the three unidentified men, “who were wearing ghillie suits” to sneak through the southern New Mexico desert.

Ghillie suits are well known to our special forces teams, they’re the pro version of “camouflage material used to blend into various natural environments such as the desert, snow and other types of terrain.

Hunters wear them once in a while but generally, they’re “mostly worn by military personnel” and police. They don’t belong on shady looking hombres just this side of the border who don’t belong here. It makes them look a lot like terrorists.

Faces are blurred

They aren’t blurring the faces in the images to protect the migrants. They’re doing it to keep America from realizing what sort of terrorists are being allowed to flood through the border along with the 2 million “harmless” illegal immigrants we’ve had so far this fiscal year.

These three went to “extraordinary tactics” as shown by the tweets sent out by “El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez.” The local news affiliate notesone picture shows an agent from the horse patrol unit in the background, and the migrants’ faces are blurred.

The Border Patrol should be screaming about “TERRORIST TACTICS,” if they want to put something in all caps, but they’re not. “SMUGGLER TACTICS!” Chavez tweeted.


People that enter illegally into the #USA, will often use extraordinary tactics to evade detection & arrest. Kudos to #ElPaso Sector #Santateresa agents for interdicting 3 migrants wearing #ghillie suits to blend into the southern #NewMexico desert terrain. @CBP.

The El Paso sector gets their fair share of the incoming migrants. Texas and Arizona are the favorite border crossing points. That’s why it’s surprising these well camouflaged non-Latinos dodged over into New Mexico. “CBP reported 24,916 migrant encounters in the El Paso Sector in July, down from 26,242 in June.

That keeps everyone busy in one place and provides distraction for someone tasked with doing something really nasty. “Migrants processed under Title 42 don’t face charges, prompting many to attempt to cross more than once.” There isn’t any incentive for a valid “migrant” to hide. Three terrorists are a totally different story.


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