Image Surfaces Online, and People Want to Know If The FBI is Going to Investigate Obama Finally


A new image has surfaced online that the FBI may want to take an interest in. It’s an incredibly incriminating photograph of none other than Former President Barack Hussein Obama with what the Feds would consider a ‘fully constructed’ mockup of the World Trade Center. Jack Posobiec, Senior Editor of Human Events shared the image on Twitter in July. However, in spite of this alarming evidence, very similar to that cited in the prosecution of a January 6th protestor, the Biden-Harris regime’s DoJ has not yet indicated any action against the 44th President.

The Type of Evidence the FBI Is Looking For

The damning evidence that theoretically could implicate Obama in the September 11th attack is very similar in nature that described in court documents according to “an alleged leader of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot” Mr. Robert Morss according to The New York Post who reported in July that FBI,

“Investigators seized a “fully constructed US Capitol Lego set” from Robert Morss, 27, along with a notebook containing instructions on how to create a “hometown militia,” court records published by the Smoking Gun revealed.”

“The suspect allegedly led rioters in “one of the most intense and prolonged clashes” against law enforcement officials trying to contain throngs of rioters, according to the outlet.” “The Pennsylvania man “came prepared for violence and then repeatedly led the violent mob attacking,” prosecutors reportedly wrote.”

Posobiec’s tweet caught quite a bit of attention of course.

Some users replied,

  • “Barack Obama is literally an insurrectionist”
  • “Arrest Obama hes got Legos”
  • “I had to report the Lego Ad that keeps popping up on my feed. Can’t be to careful these days.”
  • “Is that Obama building towers with legos. I guess that means he is guilty of planning 9/11”
  • “OH. MY. GOD. It was him all along.”
  • “Ummm. Is he building the World Trade Center Towers????”
  • While another user depicted the FBI interrogating a man regarding the Capitol lego set.


Posobiec wasn’t done though.

But Chaddo_Green might have had the winner: Because what do you do when the FBI sends their Lego Agents after you for using Legos to plan an attack WITH LEGOS!?!?!?



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