Hunter’s Ex-Business Partner: ‘Told You So’


Tony Bobulinski is the disgruntled former business partner of Hunter Biden who ratted Joe out as “the Big Guy” to the FBI. He did it before the 2020 election. Now, he’s smirking “I told you so” after catching James Comer’s press conference. Since Republicans have wrestled control of the House away from Nancy Pelosi, GOP investigations will be probing each and every one of the sordid influence peddling allegations. “Americans will no longer have to take my word for it,” he smirks.

Former partner in crime

Tony Bobulinski used to run SinoHawk holdings. He was also a partner in the now infamous CEFC China Energy scandal, along with Biden family members Hunter, James and Joe. He spilled his guts to the FBI. He did it back when it could have influenced the 2020 election.

The Federal Bureau of Instigation instantly cleaned and sanitized it away from public sight. He was grinning from ear-to-ear as he listened to Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer’s announcement, Thursday. The one about a “newly-launched probe” into Biden family business deals.

On November 17, Comer declared that his oversight committee will be digging real deep into Joe Biden’s “alleged links to corrupt overseas deals.

Hunter might be able to use the “I was a crackhead who didn’t know what he was doing” defense but Joe won’t be able to claim he was whacked out from mainlining Baskin Robbins. James is going to have some explaining to do, too. Bobulinski was there as a full partner, “in overseas cahoots” with Joe and Hunter on multiple occasions.

When Fox News caught up with Bobulinski, he noted “Hunter Biden, in his own words, [has said] he is putting his entire family’s family legacy on the line to do business with the Chinese Communist Party.

That’s when they were cooking up the deal with energy conglomerate CEFC. His partner Hunter said that “in his own words, in numerous text messages and other things I’ve provided both to the FBI and other whistleblowers, so don’t take my word for it.

Evidence to corroborate it all

Bobulinski told Fox that the “good news is Congressman Comer and Congressman [Jim] Jordan have troves of documents that will corroborate all this – but 1,000%. Joe Biden ‘the big guy.” That phrase matters so much because it comes from one of those verified NOT “Russian disinformation” emails which oozed out of Hunter’s slimy laptop.

As a partner to the deal, Bobulinski was well aware that 10% of the CEFC deal was to be “held by H for the Big Guy.” Totally, for sure, “H” is Hunter and “The Big Guy” is Joe Biden. The Chinese half of that deal all ended up in Chinese prison camps over it.

James Biden was a big part of that same deal. Joe’s kid brother was in it heavily as well. Not as any sort of silent partner, either. He was working in the trenches. Bobulinski took all the dirt he had to the FBI in 2020. He didn’t know they already had Hunter’s laptop which confirmed every word he was saying.


The same agent responsible for covering up the laptop, covered up Tony, too. Nobody inside the bureau heard a word he told them. He’s been fuming ever since. “Congressman Comer just said this morning there is a trove of facts. And the good news for the American people is not only have I come forward, but in the last variety of months, multiple whistleblowers have come forward with a whole trove of facts that corroborate everything I’ve said, as well as add incremental information to it.

I’ve had 100 people [at the Patriot Awards] probably ask me, ‘hey, is justice going to happen? What’s going on with this?‘ – And my message to them is just be patient. I think Congressman Comer is very focused.

A text message from one partner to another nails down that Joe was involved in at least that one Hunter business deal, “messages obtained by Fox News at the time included an exchange between Bobulinski and James Biden in which Bobulinski asks him to ‘thank Joe for his time.


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