Holy Sh*t! Communist China Exposed in HUGE Way, Republicans Livid


China did not want their citizens to hear what Mike Pence said about the Coronavirus. A holy sh-t video clip went viral on Twitter exposing Chinese Communist censorship in a huge way. Republicans are so livid with anger they’re turning purple.

China censorship out in the open

If you thought censorship in America was bad simply because Facebook keeps graying out your memes as misleading, that’s nothing compared to the state sanctioned censorship in China.

During a recent broadcast of the U.S. Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, The CCP killed the feed when Pence was about to say some nasty things about the Chinese. They resumed coverage when they went back to Kamala.

The censorship was revealed by Nathan VanderKlippe, who writes for the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail, covering Beijing. He posted two photos from the debate with the heading, “China censored Pence’s comments on China. Signal returned when Harris began talking again.”

VanderKilppe followed it up with a video, noting what the censorship of a vice-presidential debate looks like, and how it’s especially suspicious coming after a question about the Covid outbreak is asked.

The reporter points out how they lift the blackout “when conversation appears set to move on.” The video clearly shows Harris saying, “Susan, the Trump administration’s perspective, and approach to China has resulted in the loss of American lives, American jobs and America’s standing.”

President Trump is not happy

Pence scored some heavy points with his tough rhetoric. “China is to blame for the coronavirus and President Trump is not happy about it. He’s made that very clear, made it clear again today that China and the World Health Organization did not play straight with the American people. They did not let our personnel into China to get information on the coronavirus until the middle of February.”

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been “cheerleading for China,” Pence added. “President Trump made that decision before the end of January to suspend all travel” from there. The American people all know how Biden opposed that decision, calling it “hysterical.”

The censorship attracted a lot of attention. New York Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin wrote, “this sums a lot up.” Senator Ted Cruz agreed that it “speaks volumes.” Marco Rubio weighed in, tweeting, “You mean the part where she talked glowingly about how popular Xi is in some Pew poll?”

Texas Rep. Chip Roy said it best, “China appeasement on the ballot this November… #BeatChina.” Our American version of James Bond, Richard Grenell agrees with Roy. “China wants Joe Biden.” It’s clear to National Security adviser Robert O’Brien that the Chinese are “trying to elect” Joe Biden because he ” has repeatedly downplayed the threat that China poses to the U.S. and recently refused to call China an ‘opponent’ during a CNN town hall.”


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