He Stands in Line Behind Girl in Tiny Bikini, Can You See Why The Situation Goes VIRAL

he snapped photo

As he stood in line behind two girls in revealing bikinis, a man noticed something out of the ordinary that he decided to share on social media.

While most men would have been distracted by the fact that these two women were wearing skimpy bikinis that were definitely at least one size too small, one customer noticed something even more ridiculous.

The man decided to take a picture and post it online, and the picture quickly went viral.

TapHaps reports: “With just one image, these sunbathing beauties became infamous for a reason that the girl on the left should personally be embarrassed about. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to be ashamed since she chose to go out, knowing what was showing.”

Attached to the woman’s ankle was a monitoring device, which indicates that she is supposed to be under house arrest for committing a crime, and would be prohibited from leaving the property without special permission.

According to the Law Dictionary, an individual wearing an ankle monitor typically cannot venture more than 3,000 feet from their home. Yet, somehow, she was able to show off her ankle jewelry without any shame at the local convenience store. Either she lives very close to the store, or she violated her house arrest and was likely arrested soon after the photo was taken.

“Nothing adds to your summer look like a court-ordered ankle monitor,” the viral photo’s caption read.

Most people have likely never seen an ankle monitoring device in person, considering the fact that most of the time people wearing them are stuck at home, and those who do leave their house typically conceal it under a loose fitting pant leg.

Of course, this woman doesn’t appear to have the capacity to feel shame for the crimes that led her to be wearing one, and is fine with proudly displaying it to the world. It seems that American culture is decaying more and more every day. Morals and virtues have been replaced with unearned pride and virtue signaling. This viral moment is just another image depicting the downfall of western civilization.


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