Gruesome Video: Kabul Airport Aftermath

Gruesome Video: Kabul Airport Aftermath

Gruesome videos depicting the aftermath of the terrorist attack outside of Kabul airport in Afghanistan are making the rounds on Twitter.

The videos show scores of bloody, lifeless bodies in and around a drainage ditch following the suicide bombings outside of Hamid Karzai Airport in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.

Some of the individuals shown in the video are lying face down in the filthy water, while many severely injured people can be seen sitting and waiting for help.

Two videos of the same scene have been shared to Twitter.

The 52-second video posted on Twitter by the Askava News Agency shows many dead and many others wounded. It is unclear if one of the men in the video is dead or alive as his head appeared to loll about as he was being pulled out of the ditch.

WATCH (Warning – graphic and disturbing images):

Other victims of the bombing were lying motionless on the side of the ditch, with one man’s white clothing soaked in blood that appeared to have come from his neck and limbs.

“GRAPHIC video of Kabul airport explosion. World needs to watch this,” wrote Ahmad Mukhtar, a CBS News reporter who posted a 21-second video of the bombing’s gruesome aftermath on Twitter.

WATCH (Warning – graphic and disturbing images):

The gruesome scene in the videos appears to match other photos shared on social media in the days leading up to the attack, which showed hundreds of Afghans lining up in and around the ditch trying to get to the airport to escape the Taliban.

The New York Post reports: “The explosions are believed to have been caused by an ISIS fighter in a suicide vest and a car bomb, according to officials.”


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