Lets Be Clear: He MURDERED HER


STRAIGHT. UP. MURDER. And the murderer is not only unrepentant and even appears quite remorseless, he is insisting that his actions were heroic. The killing of Ashli Babbitt at the entrance to the Speaker’s lobby in the US Capitol building was completely unjustified. On January 6th, 2021 Ashli Babbitt was incontrovertibly murdered. She was unarmed and video evidence is conclusive that she was not audibly warned in any meaningful way prior to Lt. Michael Byrd firing a single shot from his service sidearm that ultimately killed her.

“I know that day I saved countless lives,” Byrd told NBC News. “I know members of Congress, as well as my fellow officers and staff, were in jeopardy and in serious danger. And that’s my job.”

The 35-year-old US Air Force Veteran was mere feet from at least four fully armed Capitol Police standing behind her in the stairwell, who made no attempts to intervene and prevent her from climbing through the lobby window. The video evidence is plain and demonstrates Byrd’s intent and premeditation. He was going to shoot anyone who came through that entrance. Officers responding to the shot can be seen briefly targeting Byrd until he identified himself to be returned with a thumbs up from the officer.

Babbitt’s Attorney Makes It Clear: Ashli Was Murdered

CNBC reported in June that Terrell Roberts, the Babbitt family attorney argued that the facts of the case definitely support the prosecution of Byrd. However, the Capitol Police Officer is clearly being shielded by a grateful government.

Roberts told the press,

“The actual evidence is this: the officer shot an unarmed woman who was not an immediate threat to him or any Member of Congress,” Roberts said.

“That is inconsistent with any claim of self-defense or the defense of others, period,” Roberts said. “We strongly disagree with the U.S. Attorney’s decision. But we are not dissuaded from our goal of ultimately vindicating Ashli Babbitt’s constitutional rights in the civil arena.”

Lt. Byrd Gave NO AUDIBLE WARNING Before He Fired

The attorney told Fox News, “It’s not debatable. There was no warning,” Roberts alleged. “I would call what he did an ambush. I don’t think he’s a good officer. I think he’s reckless.”

Lt. Byrd’s defense attorney, Mark Schamel, denied Roberts’ conclusion.

“It’s a false narrative that he issued no verbal commands or warnings. He was screaming, ‘Stay back! Stay back! Don’t come in here!'” he told Real Clear Investigations. 

Schamel claims that Byrd’s warnings couldn’t be heard on cell phone video of the shooting because he was wearing a mask and the video was from the other side of the doors in a loud room. Officer Byrd is seen in the video to be wearing a thin cloth mask due to COVID19 at the time, not a gas mask or other bulkier covering. It stands to reason: Why wouldn’t he pull down his mask in order to be heard if this were the case?

According to the Real Clear Investigations report, Mr. Roberts didn’t buy it either, and he looked to the video for evidence, none of the officers within earshot of Byrd moved until he opened fire, despite their being trained to respond to an audible warning. Indeed, they are seen standing or walking rather casually, not pointing a firearm at the door beside Byrd which: if the situation were as dire as he suggests they definitely should’ve been.

Roberts said, “Those other officers were within earshot. If he’s yelling, they certainly aren’t showing any reaction to it,” he said. “If he was giving any kind of warning, why didn’t they react?” Roberts added that no warnings can be heard coming from the officer in any videos taken at the scene.

The truth points to itself. If you’ve never seen the video watch it for yourself. MAKE YOURSELF WATCH IT. The truth points to itself.



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