GOP Drops Reality Bomb on Democrats… Media Ignores the Story

Left Wing EXTREMISTS Go to Work Immediately Following Violent Day at US Capitol

There is a little something brewing in the GOP that the mainstream media does not want to admit.

They like to tell us that the Democrat Party is the party of diversity.

However, it is the GOP that is now leading change in Congress.

Times are Changing

I know for a fact that many minority conservatives in the Trump era sit on their hands for fear of being criticized and disowned by family and friends.

That is changing, however, as they no longer fear being called a race traitor or an Uncle Tom.

There are opportunities out there and they want them.

The result of which was a more racially and gender-diversified GOP class than we have seen in the House.

Rep-Elect Wesley Hunt (R-TX) is a member of that class.

He stated, “We took our freshman class picture this week and I was just astounded by how diverse this group is.

“But it’s not just about those that won, look at how many women, combat veterans, African Americans and Hispanics ran under the Republican banner this cycle.”

He’s right… we had some great first-time candidates that will learn from their experience and hopefully come back in 2026 to fight for a seat again.

Hunt continued, “I was elected to represent a majority-White district.

“I ran in a primary against nine other White guys and beat my nearest competitor by more than 25 points. The left can claim the Republican Party is racist, but my story says otherwise.”

This is what we need in the party to prove that everything the left is saying is wrong.

When you only have one or two minorities in seats, it is very easy to bully them.

When they have a wall, well, that rhetoric starts to die down and people begin to ask serious questions about the other side.


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