Full on REVOLT Looming After THIS Happens


Washington is getting ready for a full scale revolt. The Justice for J6 rally isn’t the only reason why the security fences are going back up. Imperial Leader Joe Biden went on the airwaves Thursday to announce his draconian vaccine directives. It seems to at least one conservative lawmaker that Biden is just daring the deplorables to start an insurrection.

Workers will revolt

On Thursday, September 9, Imperial Leader Joe Biden went on TV to get his message out. He was scrambling to get his spiel broadcast to the masses before everyone in America gets caught up in the patriotism of our 9/11 attack anniversary.

Dan Crenshaw thinks he’s trying to make deplorables “revolt.” That way the FBI can arrest them for insurrection and maybe even make it stick this time.

Any company which employs more than 100 people, which is every company anyone ever actually heard of, “must ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated.”

Any worker who dares to evade the shot must undergo inconvenient and unpleasant test procedures weekly and produce the negative result certificate. The way Crenshaw has it figured, revolt is blowing in the wind.

Biden claims he’s out to “protect all Americans” by trampling the rights of vaccine deniers. He ordered the Ministry of Labor to issue emergency rules affecting “over 80 million workers.”

Any state laws to the contrary would be overridden. “Such a standard would preempt existing rules by state governments.” That covers about half of them. States that “have their own OSHA-approved workplace agencies” aren’t covered but they won’t resist the official plan either. They aren’t the ones ready to revolt.

Crenshaw lashes out

As soon as he heard the vile and despicable palace plot to stifle American freedom, he simply had to speak out. He wasted no time tapping a rhetorical question out on twitter. “Are you people trying to start a full on revolt? Honestly what the hell is wrong with Democrats? Leave people the hell alone. This is insanity.”

He’s absolutely right about it being insanity. Nearly everyone on the planet today has been coping with the ordinary garden variety flu their entire life and never had to mask up before. Sure flu shots have been around for years but up until now, nobody took it personally if you chose not to get one for whatever your own reason.

Another reason for vaccine freedom fighters to revolt is because mandates themselves are “cheap governance.” Cheap but not free and the price tag can be a lot higher than anyone ever figures.

“The right path is built upon explaining, educating, and *building* trust, including explaining the risks/benefits/pros/cons in an honest way so a person can make their own decision. The Biden Administration has completely failed in that regard.” Some quip that “the Biden regime has failed in every regard so what’s one more?”

Crenshaw might just have to start that revolt himself. “Our founders designed a system that treated citizens as more than just children. Our grand experiment is designed for a free people. Yes, that entails risk. Yes, I’ll take risk and freedom over a paternalistic government any day.”

He’ll have lot’s of support. Not just deplorable Trump supporters either. Biden cheesed off Democrats too. A “huge portion of the un-vaccinated are younger minorities. So this impacts a broad range of people.”


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