Report: Trump Still Living Rent Free…Inside Every Single Liberal’s Mind


Former President Donald Trump may be out of the White House but his legacy endures. Progressives are going totally spastic because Trump lives on, rent-free inside every single liberal mind. They can’t seem to evict him. As one network outlet reports, a single Trump tweet last March went butterfly effect and caused “a significant rise in anti-Asian sentiment.” Using hashtag #chinesevirus is a hate crime.

Invisible mind control

Democrats are banging their heads against Washington, D.C. walls trying to get away from Donald Trump’s invisible mind control methods. Liberals appear to spend every waking moment blaming every single thing wrong with the entire universe on the former president.

The latest outrage surrounds a report put out by flaming liberal University of California San Francisco. They have firmly nailed “a significant rise in anti-Asian sentiment on Twitter” to President Donald Trump tweeting out the term “Chinese virus.” Conservatives say that’s nothing but Facebook fertilizer.

Young university progressives analyzed “nearly 700,000 tweets and nearly 1.3 million hashtags.” Carefully chosen tweets and hot-button hashtags. The allegedly looked at “the weeks before and after Trump’s tweet on March 16, 2020.”

The language that makes their mind melt “used language health experts warned would contribute to a rise in racist attitudes.” They predicted it so made sure it happened. The undercover federal trolls did their best to inject it into conservative social media conversations.

The study suggests that “people who tweeted #chinesevirus were far more likely to pair it with other overtly racist hashtags.” They don’t say what they are. Probably things like MAGA and STOPTHESTEAL. Liberals, on the other hand can be trusted.

“People who used #covid19, the World Health Organization’s official name for the disease and the term recommended by public health experts, were far less likely to include racist hashtags.” They were more likely to include LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa ones though. That’s another thing that the media doesn’t tell you about the report. They would rather spew mind control propaganda of their own.

Handpicked tweets

UC San Francisco does admit that “about 20% of nearly 500,000 hashtags with #covid19 showed anti-Asian sentiment.” That means it isn’t just deplorables who mind Asians. They emphasize the difference with a quick number change that nobody notices.

The percentage goes up to 50% bias when you count “tweets containing #chinesevirus” but to get that figure, they had to count 775,000 hand picked tweets.

The researchers are wide open transparent about the bias they employed to reach their findings. “Researchers chose to track hashtags rather than the content of the tweets themselves because hashtags have been shown to act as a predictor of the formation of hate groups and the occurrence of hate crimes.”

They went looking for hate and it’s no surprise they found it. Now they want you to go out of your mind over it too.

The politically correct thought police want you to get it through your mind that “Using racial terms associated with a disease can result in the perpetuation of further stigmatization of racial groups.”

According to Yulin Hswen, ScD, MPH, an assistant professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UCSF, “Chinese virus, China virus, Wuhan virus, or any derivative of these terms is not something we should be using. We should not be attaching location or ethnicity to diseases.” How about Kung Flu?


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