Fox News Slides Deep Into Liberal Goon Territory, Grills Constitutionalist GOP Member Over Following Her OATH of Office

Fox News Slides Deep Into Liberal Goon Territory, Grills Constitutionalist GOP Member Over Following Her OATH of Office

Fox News has officially fallen. The formerly conservative-leaning news outlet is now fully left-wing, and is attacking conservatives for fighting for the American people.

Sandra Smith, a Fox News host, attacked Senator Marsha Blackburn over voting against the Omnibus/COVID-relief package, which gave the American people a meager $600, versus doling out cash in the millions to foreign countries, and thousands to illegal immigrants.

In the interview, Blackburn referred to the relief checks as a “redistribution of wealth.”

“I have fought against this and having these direct cash payments. And what they have put in this bill is illegal aliens can get direct cash payments,” Blackburn said.

“Senator, then why did the leader of your party in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, give his praise? And why was this not stopped by the White House negotiators who put this together, including Steve Mnuchin?” Smith interrupted.

“There is a lot of good in the bill and it is a negotiation. For me, the bill goes far too left and embraces too many of the socialistic-type ideas that I don’t appreciate and don’t stand for,” Blackburn stated.

“Do you support the $2,000 payments that the president proposed?” Smith asked.

“What we need to do is get people back to work, kids back to school, liability protections for businesses, because the best economic stimulus there is is a job,” Blackburn replied.

“Do you support $2,000 to Americans that the president proposed? Nancy Pelosi says she’s for it,” the Fox News host pressed.

“Nancy Pelosi is always going to be for giving more money away and redistribution of wealth. I want to make certain that we have targeted relief to individuals that are in desperate need of help, who lost their job through no fault of their own. But just to say one size fits all is incorrect,” Blackburn responded.

“But you have to talk about numbers. A number has to go in there, Senator,” Smith said.

“Are you just not answering the question? Or do you not want to commit to it?” she added.

Blackburn didn’t give a specific answer.

Prior to ending the interview, Smith noted that Senator Lindsey Graham has said that the bill “will save jobs and lives.”

“Is he wrong?” Smith asked.

Blackburn pushed back, arguing that the bill is more focused on paying out money for special interests than helping the American people.

“The American people need relief, they don’t need money for museums and art,” she asserted.

Smith ended the interview continuing to ask the same question for the fourth time: “The president put a number out there. Are you willing to? How much should go to the American people?”

“What I’m willing to do is targeted relief,” Blackburn said.

As a Senator, it is Blackburn’s job to focus on helping the American people. Though she did not give an exact amount for direct cash payments to Americans, she pointed out a lot of important issues with the bill. Her job is to fight for what is best for the people, like getting back to work and preventing government waste.

Watch the video below from Fox News.


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