Fox News Sends Biden White House into a Tizzy

WTH Did Joe Biden Just Say?

Joe Biden is not happy with Fox News right now.

The network dared to show pictures of hundreds of migrants just walking across the border.

He wants to know why they won’t report on the root causes of migration rather than showing just how open our borders are.

Stop It

This is not a joke, if you can believe that.

A Politico report was published this week blasting Fox News for how it is covering the border.

I am guessing that the drone footage showing more than 500 migrants crossing the border unfettered in about two hours was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Bill Melugin has been doing the reporting.

After the Politico report was posted, he posted it on Twitter…

Actually, Joe, Melugin is reporting on the root causes, which would be your lack of desire to enforce our border laws.

The reporting has been exceptional, as Melugin in the only reporter actually covering the border.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump, or any Republican for that matter, started telling the media how to do its job?

They have a name for that… state-run media.

Unless I am wrong, that is how it is done in communist countries.


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