Fox News Conducts New Poll, Shocked When the Results Come In

Fox News Conducts New Poll, Shocked When the Results Come in

A new poll has been conducted by Fox News which has left many people shocked. The poll asked respondents how the events of the most recent election have effected their likelihood to vote in the future.

The question asked by Fox News was, has “this presidential election has made you more or less likely to vote in the next presidential election?”

Obviously, Democrats were excited about the events surrounding the 2020 election, with 84% of Liberals saying that they would be more likely to vote in future elections.

Republicans were less enthusiastic, with 69% of conservatives saying that they were more likely to vote in future elections.

When the poll focused specifically on supporters of President Trump, the numbers became even more grim. Many Trump supporters are not typical Republican voters, adding a separate category for them in a poll is important, as one of the big advantages for the president was that he was able to turn out non-voters in ways previously unheard of.

A total of 19%, or approximately 1 in 5 Trump supporters, said they were less likely to vote in future presidential elections. This is compared to 5% of Biden voters, 6% of Democrats, 12% of Independents, and 16% of Republicans.

Fox News poll less likely

The Republican Party should be concerned about these numbers, especially the members of the GOP who voters see as betraying them in recent weeks by supporting Joe Biden and ignoring widespread fraud in the election, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell recently caused an uproar among Trump supporters for referring to Biden as someone “who has devoted himself to public service for many years,” and congratulated Kamala Harris, saying “all Americans can take pride that our nation has a female vice president-elect for the very first time.”

Many other RINOs followed his lead, angering their base and causing many conservatives to lose faith in the GOP. This is probably one of the main reasons that Republican voters and Trump supporters have stated that they are less likely to vote in upcoming elections. If the party won’t fight for them, why should they fight for the party?


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