Feds Raid Building Tied to Ukraine Oligarch


On Tuesday, the FBI raided the downtown Cleveland offices of a company with Ukraine ties to business “godfather” Igor Kolomoisky. The oligarch owns several buildings in the heart of the city. They aren’t saying if there is any connection with either of the Bidens.

A big-wig in the Ukraine

As spokeswoman Vicki Anderson was proud to announce, agents from the Federal Bureau of Instigation turned the offices of Optima Management Group upside down. They weren’t deterred by the impressive One Cleveland Center address used by the tycoon from Ukraine. The IRS was quick to remind everyone that their agents rode along in the van too.

Optima calls Cleveland, Ohio, it’s corporate home but they’re a conglomerate of businesses “across the United States that has interests in real estate in Cleveland.” Besides One Cleveland Center, they control “the 55 Public Square building and the Westin Cleveland Downtown.” The Ukraine also has been linked to corruption and bribery scandals which could blow back on Hunter Biden and his dad Joe Biden, at a rather inconvenient time for the “chosen” Democrat.

The offices of the company with the big Ukraine connections “are visible from an entrance and windows on the side of One Cleveland Center.” Downtown commuters were stunned to see a herd of brightly marked federal agents “carrying and moving computers, boxes, and other items. There were two teams working to cart the evidence out of the building and stash it in the van for transport. According to Ms. Anderson, “agents also executed search warrants at an office in Miami.”

Somewhere between a tycoon and a mobster

Agents from the Cleveland field office have been working “a wide-ranging probe involving Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky that has been ongoing for quite some time.” Oligarch is roughly the equivalent in Eastern European countries like the Ukraine as something between a “tycoon” and a “mobster.” Much like leaders of business consortiums everywhere.

Kolomoisky allegedly runs the show as a principal of the Privat Group, which is a large business based in Ukraine. “Principals of the company are also part of Optima.” Optima is only a shadow of what it used to be in Cleveland. Ten years ago, they bought up a whole slew of buildings. Then they were under the leadership of Chaim Schochet. Since then, they have scaled back their holdings, including Warren Steel Holdings. The mill near Youngstown closed in 2016.

Another thing that Kolomoisky has his tentacles in, along with a compatriot from the Ukraine, is PrivatBank, which the billionaires put together at the start of the 1990’s. It eventually became one of the Ukraine’s key financial institutions but the government “nationalized” the bank back in 2016 when “an investigation suggested there was large-scale fraud over a decade-long period.”


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