Fake Republican Receives Dose of Karma From Fake News Organization


Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) thought he was surely something special for moderates the nation over when he jumped full-force onto the never-Trump bandwagon by falsely predicting “No Republican elected official is going to stand behind that statement. None of them will,” after President Trump made the case that Joe Biden didn’t legally win the 2020 election.

He was very, very wrong but still had his cushy gig on CNN as their token ‘conservative’ *(using the term lightly) right? Well, not anymore. Isn’t karma funny? The progressive propaganda machine proverbially left the money on the nightstand and asked him to go, his services long since rendered and no longer required.

It all started with a speech Santorum gave to the Young America’s Foundation on April 23rd at a fundraiser. The former Senator gave the unpopular remark that immigrants to North America founded a nation based upon the Judeo-Christian ethic from a blank slate, which drew the ire of the leftist cancel-culture mob and Native American organizations.

“We birthed a nation from nothing,” he said. “Yes, there were Native Americans, but there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture.”

Karma and Cancel Culture Were Swift, And Merciless

In response, Fawn Sharp, President of the National Congress of American Indians, called  Santorum “an unhinged and embarrassing racist who disgraces CNN and any other media company that provides him a platform.”

“To correct the record, what European colonizers found in the Americas were thousands of complex, sophisticated, and sovereign tribal nations, each with millennia of distinct cultural, spiritual and technological development,” she wrote in a statement. Adding in stunning hyperbolic fashion “Televising someone with his views on Native American genocide is fundamentally no different than putting an outright Nazi on television to justify the Holocaust.” (Someone introduce her to Godwin’s Law…)

Limping Home Licking His Wounds

To his credit, Santorum showed some steel in the end when he refused to apologize for his comments which were badly taken out of context. Although he did make a weak attempt at a walk-back with Chris Cuomo on CNN, claiming he “misspoke” and explaining that he was speaking in the contexts of the founding of the United States.

He clarified that Native Americans “had a huge impact, particularly in the west and many of the areas of our country where they have had a huge impact on American culture,” but it wasn’t enough. The left had already seen his neck, and karma isn’t forgiving.

Santorum told Sean Hannity on Fox News,

“What I said was not at all disparaging towards Native Americans. What I was talking about is the founding of the United States of America and that Native Americans did not have a role in the founding of our country.”

“Now you can say that’s a bad thing or a good thing or the way we treated Native Americans was bad, but I was giving a talk to a group of young people talking about the founding principles of religious liberty and how important it was to the immigrants who came here to found this country. And that was an important value that was envied into our Constitution.”

He continued, stating that he simply told the truth, “I told the truth here and you have other people who believe you know, Don Lemon came on right after my interview and said that Native Americans founded the United States of America. And again, you are entitled to your opinion, but not the facts, and that’s where I think we have gotten off-kilter here a little bit in America.”

At the end the disgraced Senator (now on BOTH sides) said the incident exposed CNN’s toxic embrace of cancel culture and that “the left is intolerant”. That IS Karma. According to the Guardian, in response to a remark from Hannity about applying to work for Fox News instead, Santorum said he was “just taking a little time off to regroup here a little bit and see what opportunities come my way”.




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