Facebook Threw a Fit Over This Testosterone Laced Video


You have to hand it to CONSERVATIVE Republican candidate Eric Greitens for coming up with such a creative campaign ad that the entire nation knows all about it. Facebook banned it, making it an instant success. Twitter didn’t censor it completely but they slap a warning label on it. One that implies the thought police will soon be knocking at the door of anyone who dares to click the allow button. All he did was break out the heavy weapons to go RINO hunting.

Facebook bans RINO hunt ad

Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, yanked a campaign video posted by U.S. Senate candidate Eric Greitens. The Missouri Republican blasted liberal “disinformation” teams into hysterics with a turbo-powered injection of high octane testosterone and a shotgun. Using flash-bang grenades in the video was a nice touch. Free speech is history along with the Constitution.

It’s perfectly acceptable for liberals to make and promote a full length feature about hunting down and torturing deplorable Trump supporters. Even so, daring to make a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Republicans who act like Democrats are persona-non-grata in the GOP is too far over-the-top for social media.

The video grabs your attention and that makes it effective. That’s the real reason liberal censors at Facebook hate it so much. Along with the fact that they’re trying to get gun violence declared a health pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Greitens can’t help it if he’s male and pumped full of testosterone. He “identifies” as a SEAL. The Navy kind. He prefers all the totally masculine pronouns and knows exactly which restroom to use. He also likes to go hunting. RINO hunting. Every conservative in America wants to donate ammo to his cause.

The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice,” Greitens narrates, like on one of those Mutual of Omaha nature specials. That’s when “a tactical unit breaks through a door and throws what appear to be flash-bang grenades inside.” Facebook pulled his plug the second it posted.

Join the MAGA crew. Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.” There’s no way the left can permit such radical rhetoric.

Renewed focus on gun violence

The LA Times was as highly offended by the video as Facebook. They know their liberal readers will be incensed by the violence in the wake of “fatal mass shootings and threats to government officials.” Conservatives are just as offended by the liberal policies which brought us to the point police can’t provide law and order.

Worse than that, there has been such a breakdown in society that everyone shoots out their disagreements while standing in line at Walmart. Guns aren’t the problem, Neither is carrying them. The problem is indiscriminate use for purposes other than self-defense. There are underlying reasons for that which liberals refuse to talk about because they caused them.

The video Greitens posted isn’t going to incite any Second Amendment supporting Nationalists to murder moderate Republicans. He made a graphic point and got everyone’s attention. Nobody would be afraid of that being taken seriously if schools were to teach that we live in a cause and effect universe where actions have consequences.


Instead, they teach about 27 different genders, 25 of which lead to the extinction of humanity. Facebook and their censors may someday come to the realization that the human race wouldn’t need their protection from radical ideas if people were allowed to think and reason for themselves.

After Facebook banned the video and Twitter discouraged it, the Greitens campaign issued a statement telling all the snowflakes to crawl back in a nice safe freezer with a can of Play-Doh. “If anyone doesn’t get the metaphor, they are either lying or dumb,” campaign manager Dylan Johnson declared. Conservatives get it. They’re laughing and forwarding it around to their friends.

It is time for a RINO hunt. Round em up and herd em out of office. The legal way, at the ballot box. Deplorables can’t help if they chuckle at Greitens way as faster. That doesn’t mean anyone would do it. Educated conservatives don’t react to things the way mindless anarchist barbarians do. Even the unstable ones on the conservative side have to be set up by the FBI before they move into action.


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