Dr. Flip Flop has just done it again.

Since COVID happened, Dr. Fauci has believed that COVID was a naturally occurring event.

Well, he is changing his tune, at least a little on this front.

Let’s Investigate

Fauci now seems open to actually learning how COVID really came to be rather than taking China’s word for it.

When asked if the lab leak theory and all other theories need to be investigated, he finally gave in.

Fauci responded, “I think it’s very important.

“As you know, there’s this debate of whether it is a lab leak from something that was going on in a Chinese lab or a natural occurrence.”

That is all we have ever asked… we just want to know for sure.

Fauci added, “When you know what it is, it helps you to prepare for the next one.”

For example, when scientists learned the 2002 SARS outbreak was the result of an animal being brought into wet markets, this “should have triggered us to put really important and definitely restrictions on bringing animals like that into a market.”

He concluded, “If it turns out that it’s a lab leak, then you want to do everything you can to have a lot of restrictions and guidelines about the kinds of things that could be done in the lab.”

Something tells me the good doctor is a bit worried about the GOP taking power, so he is starting to cover his tracks.


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