Disgusting Details Emerge During Ghislaine Maxwell Case


The first of the disgusting details has emerged from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial of the century. There are sure to be many more in days to come, now that long awaited public testimony is underway. Details which the masses were cheated out of when Jeffrey Epstein “didn’t kill himself” will finally see the light of day.

Maxwell gets her day in court

A woman, identified only by the pseudonym “Jane,” took the Manhattan federal court witness stand on the second day of testimony in the long awaited criminal trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

She broke down in tears on Tuesday, November 30, while telling the jury all about the disgusting things both perverts did to her when she was only 14.

Ghislaine Maxwell was charged with six counts, all involving the sex trafficking of minors. The jury heard Jane’s tale of what happened one night in Santa Fe, New-Mexico. The tender 14-year-old was an overnight guest in Epstein’s sprawling ranch, when she got summoned as Jeffrey’s playmate for the night.

At just the thought, “I felt my heart sinking in my stomach,” she testified with a breaking voice. “Because I did not want to go see him.”

It took her a while to get her composure back before describing explicitly how her mom wasn’t a whole lot of help. Jane “became emotional again when recalling how she felt she couldn’t tell her emotionally unavailable mother about the sexual abuse.”

Mom would have seen the things Maxwell and Epstein wanted her to do as worth the price they were willing to pay. The family never had much money. “It just kind of seemed like it was hopeless I guess. It didn’t seem like there was any joy to look forward to.”

Summer camp in 1994

The first time she encountered the pair of pedophiles was 1994. She was “attending a performing arts summer camp in Michigan.” At the time her family “was struggling financially” in the wake of her father’s passing less than a year before.

At first, “her mother went with her to visit Epstein’s Palm Beach, Florida residence.” On those visits, everyone was on their best behavior. Things soon took a twist when “Epstein invited the underage teen to visit alone.” Maxwell made the phone calls.


According to Jane, Ghislaine herself “personally participated” in sexually abusing her. For example, “Maxwell and Epstein abused her at the same time in Epstein’s bedroom.” They had Jane get on the bed, while they stripped, “and instructed her to take her top off.”

The pair began to “fondle each other, while casually giggling, and Epstein masturbated.” Ghislaine provided explicit instructions on how to pleasure Jeffrey which included “twisting his nipples hard as he climaxed.”

Epstein, Jane told the jury, “touched her breasts and vagina and used a vibrator on her even when she told him it was hurting her.” Regular orgies were part of the everyday lifestyle and she covered all the available options.

She touched Epstein “everywhere,” she declared under oath. The group “orgies” with Jane and others involved “full-on intercourse.” The ringleader of the sexual circus, Ghislaine Maxwell, acted “very casual” about these activities and “like it was very normal.”


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