Disgraced FBI Agent Accepts Plea Deal


The FBI isn’t having a good week and it’s only Tuesday. Headlines are already shaping up to be worse than the ones last week. The disgraced agent the Bureau stuck in front of their botched effort to entrap the Wolverine Watchmen just took a plea deal for beating his wife.

Bad FBI ‘optics’

The Federal Bureau of Instigation was caught by the media setting up the attempt to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer, using informant rats. The recently fired agent in charge of that operation just got sentenced on charges of his own, for assault.

After they came out of a swap party, FBI agent Richard Trask got extra-freaky with his wife. He ended up whapping her head against a nightstand while trying to strangle her. Trask claims he was drugged against his will at the party and Mrs. Trask backs him up. His whole lifestyle is now under the public microscope and it doesn’t look good for the bureau.

While conservatives, especially the religiously fundamentalist ones, frown on extra-marital fun and games with like-minded playmates, some couples enjoy them. There is nothing illegal about what goes on between consenting adults of any number. Beating up your spouse is a different story.

Former FBI agent Trask told the judge he takes “responsibility for what happened,” even though “he has no memory” of the assault. It happened back in July.

After signing off on a “no contest” plea to charges of aggravated assault, the judge sentenced Trask to the terms of his deal.

The disgraced FBI agent “has agreed to never work in law enforcement in the state of Michigan.” The judge gave him credit for the two days he sat in a county cell, made him pay the court some fines and fees, then turned him loose without probation.

Drugged at the party

Everyone agrees that the night in question started at a swinger’s party Trask and his wife attended at an Oshtemo Township hotel. According to prosecutors, the off-duty FBI agent “choked his wife and hit her head against the nightstand later that night.”

They really don’t care what he was on. They would prefer to lock him away for life but the big problem is his wife won’t “cooperate” with their case.

Heather Foulke came to the FBI agent’s defense at the sentencing hearing. She explained to the judge “she believes he had a reaction with alcohol and a prescription medication and may have been drugged with GHB at the party.”

She “told the deputy that night that we left the party abruptly because something happened that I did not like. I told him my husband was acting weird. I also told him that I found it odd that over the course of that night my husband and I both consumed the same number of alcoholic beverages that strangely I was completely sober, but my husband was not.”

Trask begged forgiveness, especially since the FBI had already given him the shove over it.

“As the result of the situation I’ve lost the only career I’ve known. My retirement is gone. I’ve lost friends. My reputation has been destroyed. My children have had to face questions. My wife has faced harassment. My family has had to further suffer because I can no longer provide for them.”


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