Demoralized and Outnumbered Chicago Cops Afraid to Make Arrests


Chicago Police officers are so outnumbered by criminals on the streets and so demoralized by the liberal policies enacted by their city and state officials, that they stopped risking their lives to make arrests. Why bother when the prosecutor is only going to let the criminal walk free anyway?

Chicago police resisting arrests

Local residents of Chicago, Illinois aren’t real shocked to learn that along with the skyrocketing number of violent crimes, the cops aren’t making as many arrests. The criminals have the police outnumbered, in part because liberal policies have cops leaving the force in droves.

Suicide has recently become another alarming factor. The department “has lost two officers and a sergeant to suicide in the past months, authorities revealed Monday.” That report, on July 18, notes the announcement comes “amid what critics say is a harsh environment for police officers and as brass continues to cancel days off.

They don’t have enough officers to put out on the street in Chicago to keep the rest safe along with the public, so they keep the ones they do have working extra hours and cancel their expected time off. Tired, grouchy cops are infamous for making trigger-happy mistakes.

Those are only some of the reasons why the CPD arrested “the fewest number of suspects in at least 20 years” in the middle of a crime wave. One which started raging the moment Donald Trump was chased out of office.

The cops aren’t bending over backwards anymore. “In the past, I might see a guy with a gun in his waistband, and I’d jump out and chase him,” one decorated Chicago PD officer relates. “No way I’d do that now.” The numbers for 2021 show arrests were made in only 12% of all crime cases that year. That, experts note, is the “lowest rate since 2001.” That’s when the data was first released.

Back in 2005, they arrested over 30 percent of their criminals. Ordinary traffic stops and tickets have declined along with the arrest numbers over subsequent years. The sharpest decline in enforcement action came since 2020.


Fewer crimes reported

The residents are just as disgusted as the cops in Chicago. When a crime is committed, they either shoot back or ignore it. Bothering to call the police is a waste of time and everybody knows it.

They’re back to the thrilling days of vigilante justice and about to surrender and give into the concept of total anarchy. The police are almost ready to go that route as well. They can’t seem to quit or retire fast enough.

With shootings and killings in a major spike, “sweeping changes were made to how the Chicago P.D. patrols the streets, including restricting their vehicle pursuit policy, ending foot pursuits if a suspect runs from an officer or if someone commits a minor offense.” Crimes like shoplifting have been decriminalized.

Marijuana remains illegal and the cops have orders to ignore it. Repealing the useless law makes too much sense. The modern method is to simply ignore the laws that are out of phase with the whims of society. We need a list of which laws are active and which just a formality so everyone can be on the same page.

Police make it crystal clear to the media that the official reasons for the low arrest rate and difficulty keeping cops on the street in Chicago are not the real reasons. Officers “hesitate” to interact with “criminals with guns” because prosecutors won’t approve felony charges against criminals.

When officer Ella French was brutally murdered last year, her co-workers were forced to “step back and think: Who really cares about us at that point?” According to the unnamed officer, “We can only support each other at the lowest ranks. And if that means going out there and not doing anything, then that means going out there and not doing anything.


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