Democrats in Panic Over Being Watched at the Poll


In the state of Michigan, hotly contested in 2020, state and local voting officials are “gearing up to deal with a new element in this year’s elections: a large influx of Republicans seeking to become poll workers,” CNN reports. For some strange reason, Democrats don’t like Republican’s looking over their shoulders. Election integrity is a nasty phrase which will get you shadow banned and censored into oblivion on social media.

Poll watchers not welcome

In Michigan they’re in full panic mode but the trend is about to go nationwide, which really terrifies liberals.

The Republican National Committee and “other conservative organizations” are ramping up efforts to recruit volunteers to “play an active role in administering the midterm elections.” How, Democrats whine, can they stuff the ballot box with a poll watching Republican at every elbow?

Politico did a big piece which is circling the beltway like an angry trucker. It’s all about the alleged “GOP recruitment sessions.” They’re such a terrible thing because those deplorable “would-be poll workers cling to debunked claims about fraud in the 2020 election.

They may actually try to prevent it from happening again in November. Progressives are already sounding the alarm “that Republican election deniers could infiltrate official election operations and undermine the process.

Conservatives are trying out what they like to call a “precinct committee strategy.” The idea is to install conservative nationalists in local GOP positions and election poll jobs. That frightens globalists silly.

It is jarring to know,” Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson gasps, those who actually insist on fair and legitimate elections “will use that as motivation to potentially interfere with” their election tampering and schemes to pad the ballot box with votes from shady places, like the grave.

Republicans already suspicious

On Monday, June 6, Benson had a powwow with her “attorney general’s office, the Michigan State Police and local officials.” They were there to kick around suggestions on protecting from Republican “election interference.

A whole herd of poll watchers will be really difficult to deceive. Especially, when they’re already suspicious.

Republicans, on the other hand, say everything they are doing is under the full light of transparency. Election integrity shouldn’t be something anyone would be alarmed about insuring. That only proves that Democrats are planning dirty tricks in the dark. Again.

According to RNC officials, “their recruitment drive has a straightforward goal.” If it scares Democrats, that’s tough. All they want to do is correct “a longstanding party imbalance in who serves in these roles.” For instance at Detroit’s TCF Center in 2020, there were only 170 Republican poll workers compared to 5,400 democrats.

The DNC doesn’t want a level playing field, they demand an advantage. Meanwhile, conservatives are scratching and clawing to have a voice. “We are only trying to get a seat at the same table,” RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a tweet. The Republicans traditionally have a hard time getting to be poll watchers.

For decades, she points out, “the RNC also was shut out from so-called ‘ballot security’ work under a federal consent decree after the national party targeted Black and Latino voters in New Jersey.” In 1981 they made the mistake of “posting armed, off-duty law enforcement officers at polling places in heavily minority communities.


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