Democrat Coverup: The Bodycam Footage Is…


There are a lot of questions that could be answered if we could only see the bodycam footage of responding officers on the Pelosi call.

In high-profile cases such as this, due to public interest, the footage would usually be released.

That will not be the case here.


With so much speculation about the case, a lot of that could be put to bed by releasing the bodycam footage.

I can appreciate them not wanting to show the strike to Paul Pelosi’s head, but there is no reason to hide what happened when officers arrived on the scene.

Instead, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is going to keep it all hidden.

She stated, “That meeting is happening today, so limited members are able to view that footage so that they can have certain questions in their mind answered.

“But it’s a very limited number of family members, and that should be going on as we speak.”

She added, “For us, revealing that evidence through the media is just not what we think is appropriate.

“We want to make sure that this individual is held accountable for these egregious acts.

“For us, we’re going to make sure that we limit the evidence as much as possible in order to get that done.”

The media is painting DePape as a right-wing conspiracy theorist, but that is definitely stretching the narrative a bit.

His ex-girlfriend stated that he followed her political ideology, and she was a progressive.

Other than being completely out of his mind, DePape was clearly frustrated by the constant lies told by public officials.

Perhaps that is what the media should be concentrating on rather than trying to blame one side or the other for the creation of this monster.


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