COVID Cover-up Smoking Gun


In a textbook example of the leftist media playing catch-up with more honest purveyors of information, The Washington Post has finally reported that Ben Embarek, who headed up the World Health Organization’s “Investigation” (*read: Chinese Communist Party guided tour) into the origins of the COVID19 virus has admitted that Beijing’s officials dictated what they wanted in the final report. The bold intervention of Chinese authorities and complicity of the WHO lend credence to the lab-leak theory. It’s practically a smoking gun…

A Downplayed Smoking-Gun Hidden Behind a Paywall

The Washington Post story is behind a paywall (because of course, it is), but here is a quick excerpt,

“In its report released earlier this year, the WHO-China team said it was “very unlikely” that the virus, officially named SARS-CoV-2, could have accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Institue of Virology or another facility in the Chinese city where infections were first found. The joint team of researchers said it would not recommend further investigation into the issue.

A discussion of whether to include the lab-leak theory at all lasted until 48 hours before the conclusion of the mission, Ben Embarek told the Danish reporters. In the end,

Ben Embarek’s Chinese counterpart eventually agreed to discuss the lab-leak theory in the report “on the condition we didn’t recommend any specific studies to further that hypothesis”

Ladies and gentlemen: the smoking gun. Why would a Chinese researcher (*read CCP plant) require such a condition? That the report could “discuss” a lab leak but recommend no further action to explore the theory? Unless they wanted to divert attention away from it to avoid discovery.

Embarek went on to tell the Danish Channel TV2’s reporters that an accepted theory combined both the direct-infection hypothesis along with a lab leak, inferring that a lab employee “inadvertently could have brought the virus to Wuhan after collecting samples in the field”.

But then the WaPo dropped another subtle bombshell,

“Ben Embarek suggested that there could have been “human error” but that the Chinese political system does not allow authorities to acknowledge that.”

The Frustrations Of Righteous Men

One of the best sources for reporting on the lab-leak theory: Red State took some serious (and absolutely righteous) Umbridge with the mainstream media chasing their reporting MONTHS LATER. (We can relate… we’re right there with you guys.) Bonchie wrote,

“Of note is that The Washington Post has done its part in covering all this up as well. As Scott Hounsell reported some months ago, the Post’s recent write-up on the origins of COVID was a white-washed joke, repeating many of the CCP’s obfuscations nearly verbatim. RedState has also reported on the compromised nature of the WHO’s origin investigation, with admissions being made that China was refusing to provide the necessary raw data.”

And Scott Hounsell followed,

“While it is certainly vindicating to see that the story may finally be told, it is frustrating that only certain approved members of the media class are allowed to be the ones who tell it.  Our reporting on this information has been clear and factual from day one.  We have sourced our information to a fault, and now the media is chasing our reporting, acting like this is brand-new, breaking information.”

For the record, DSRH has been on the same page for quite some time as well: like when we reported that “the National Institute of Health under current Director Dr. Francis Collins, who also oversees the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, deleted gene sequences of SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID19 during the early days of the panic in 2020.” Or when we reported that Fuaci’s NIAID was funding gain of function research at the WIV. (Pretty sure we beat Sen. Rand Paul to that one.)

So respectfully to our colleagues at Red State: We share your frustration.


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