Christopher Steele Text Messages Revealed


By reading the earthshaking text messages out loud, lawyers for a Russian tech executive got the full attention of Christopher Steele’s jury. The first day of testimony opened spectacularly in a London defamation trial. Personal emails confirm that Steele was well aware of who was handling his dirty dossier, where the diseased propaganda was spreading, and who was infected by it.

Messages plot a map of illegal leaks

With various lawsuits against Deep State secret squirrel Christopher Steele working their way through courts in the United Kingdom, emerging email messages draw a detailed roadmap of exactly how classified top-secret information ended up in the headlines, both before and after the 2016 presidential election. He closely worked with his Deep State associates to plot the best way to “disseminate the infamous anti-Trump dossier.”

Lawyers for a Aleksej Gubarev are using the text messages to establish that the former British spy “was deeply involved in the dissemination of information from the dossier. BuzzFeed published Steele’s unverified fantasies on Jan. 10, 2017. Gubarev is suing him for the lies about him that were intentionally and illegally leaked to the press in a failed attempt to discredit President Donald Trump.

For instance, one of the messages just after the November surprise Trump victory asked Strobe Talbott, the president of “the prestigious Brookings Institution” how he wanted to handle “the package.” Steele’s package was the dirty dossier. The former deputy secretary of state in Bill Clinton’s administration called Steele to ask how his investigation was going. “Mr. Talbott telephones Mr Steele out of the blue in August 2016, having heard about his work and offers advice if needed,” Gubarev’s attorney Andrew Caldecott revealed. Steele took him up on his offer when the FBI started getting frosty in early November of 2016. That’s when they found out Steele was “a source for Mother Jones reporter David Corn.”

The same ‘trusted foreign source’

As Donald Trump was preparing to take the oath of office, Steele almost had a heart attack. He had to beg John McCain’s associate David Kramer on Jan. 2, 2017, “to not confirm that he was a source for David Corn, the Mother Jones journalist.” He was horrified that on the witness stand Kramer might blow the whole scheme. “what might your line be tomorrow if they ask you if your ‘trusted foreign source’ is the same as david corn’s? best to avoid confirming this if possible i think,” one of his messages read.

Even though Christopher Steele basically planted a copy of his dossier on John McCain through David Kramer, he didn’t hesitate to throw McCain under the bus. Steele told the former British ambassador to Russia, Sir Andrew Wood, in one of the messages, that “McCain was ‘compromised’ by being given a copy of the dossier.”

It turns out that Talbott got his copy of the dossier from Fusion GPS, the cutout organization hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Nobody knows what Talbott did with his copy of the fantasy fiction but, according to Steele’s messages, “Fiona Hill, a former Brookings official who served in the Trump White House, told Congress last year that Talbott provided her a copy of the dossier a day before BuzzFeed published it.” She was amazed that Steele was stupid enough to believe obvious Russian “disinformation.”


  1. All the money spent on something that everyone already knew!
    All the Dems. know but it won’t stop. This will go on for ever. President Trump will be out of office in four years. They will still try to make his life a living hell! They can’t stand the thought of him doing everything he said he would do!
    Dems. are sick they don’t want the people to be in a better place. Just keep everyone down and hurting. Just like what they are doing now. It’s not Covid 19 it’s the Dems!


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