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As America heads into the Memorial Day weekend, Politico has really YUGE news for the MAGA coalition. The supporters of once and future President Donald Trump are thrilled to hear that the deplorable-in-chief will “run again in 2024.” As long as he’s in good health, he adds. Trump makes it sound like he’s afraid Hillary Clinton fans will spray some Novichok around Mar-a-Lago or something.

MAGA 2024 ready for success

Over at Politico they’re spreading the word that former President “Trump is confiding in allies that he intends to run again in 2024.” The left-leaning outlet has to soften the blow to liberal readers so they gratuitously add, “with one contingency: That he still has a clean bill of health.”

They assert that “two sources close to the ex-president” leaked the information to them. They’re terrified that “Trump is going to dangle his potential bid over the GOP like a water balloon over a freshly styled head of hair.” RINOs are ready to stampede in panic. The far-right MAGA faction has been branding a big “D” on the forehead of every “moderate” they can find.

All across America, millions of MAGA hag wearing, Trump flag waving deplorables are thrilled to hear the news. Our current crop of elected officials who carry a Republican Party membership card in their wallets seem to fall into four very distinct camps, each with a different reaction when they hear the same news.

The spectrum runs from hard right loyalists like Jim Jordan to renegade traitors Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. The breakdown isn’t surprising to anyone who regularly follows the issues.

At the extreme far-right end of the party, lawmakers including Ohio’s Jim Jordan and Brian Mast of Florida would love to clone Donald Trump off as many times as they can and stick him in every job that comes along.

The way Mast puts it, “why have a carbon copy? Why would we not support the original?” This group sees no reason at all to mess with success. It’s apparent that there isn’t anyone in the party now who has the charisma and sheer determination thats needed to Make America Great Again. MAGA isn’t just a slogan to this faction, it’s a mandate.

RINOs running for cover

At the other end of the field, so called “moderate” Republicans like Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney are pulling their hair out in frustration. The Democrat sleeper cells working to rot the GOP from within can’t get rid of Donald Trump and his irritating MAGA followers no matter how hard they try. Voting for his impeachment only made them weaker and him stronger.

They know their strategy isn’t working but don’t have a clue how to turn it around either. These alleged Republicans, according to Politico, “are essentially thinking: Dear lord, please not again.” The ones who already had their cover blown aren’t even trying to hide their contempt but the RINOs still in the closet are hiding. This “is a sentiment shared by some who are keeping quiet about their disapproval — at least for now.”

In the mid-ground, there is a huge chunk of the party which haven’t quite made up their minds on the matter. They seem to split into open minded camps, biding their time and watching which way the cards fall. One set are “Republicans who pick political viability.”

To them, MAGA ideals are goals to strive for but they don’t want to throw their vote away by backing the wrong candidate. This faction wants “whoever stands the best chance of winning back the White House.” Pennsylvania lawmaker Scott Perry falls into that category. When asked who he wants to see running in 2024, he answered the “person that can best save this country — whoever that is.” Right now, that’s still looking like Donald J. Trump.

Not quite traitorous enough to fully support the liberal platforms but not wearing any MAGA gear either are the semi-conservative quasi-republican fence sitters. They don’t like what Democrats are doing to the nation but they aren’t real happy with Donald Trump either. They would prefer someone with a little more “decorum” who has the ability to pick up a book once in a while and actually understand what it says.

They get frustrated by a commander-in-chief who needs power point presentations with lots of colorful graphics as his daily briefing paper. These folks recognize that Trump is a major force of nature on his own but think he should have more of an “adviser” role, from the “back seat.”

While they certainly have valid points, the harsh reality is that there isn’t anyone currently on the scene more qualified than Trump to lead the deplorable MAGA forces into the battle of “Biblical” proportion were fighting, against the evil Democrat forces of darkness. As long as we have Trump, he needs to be our standard bearer. He knows it and everyone else knows it too, but some will need to think about it a while before they’re fully convinced. RINOs will never give in and they should be purged from the party before they can do more sabotage.


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