BLM Goon Murders US Marshal During Shootout


The Black life wasn’t going real well for felony fugitive Aaron Thomas. The BLM goon was suicidal and wanted to go out in a hail of gunfire. He got half of it right. When the lead stopped flying Thomas and a U.S. Marshal were both lying on the ground. Danville Police are still hunting for his buddy, 28-year-old Antonio Stanfield.

‘Marshal Law’ on the mend

The hospital already released the unnamed “Marshal Law,” wounded but not critically in the furious shootout. According to officials, the “unnamed police officer with the U.S. Marshal’s Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force is back home.”

The “suspect,” 33-year-old Aaron Thomas, spent quite a bit of time in surgery but doctors say they patched him up good enough to go to court. He will have lots of time to recover in jail. Right now though, “Thomas is still in critical condition.”

Thomas came up on the list for aggravated robbery charges out of the state of Virginia. The Marshal and his unit headed off to a Regent Avenue NE home near 17th Street Wednesday afternoon to pick him up. He previously did a measly two years for voluntary manslaughter. He “shot and killed a 15-year-old at an apartment in Danville.”

Last week, he shot someone else. “Danville police wanted Thomas for allegedly robbing and assaulting a man at the Travel Inn last week.” They had a clue that “he fled to Ohio and was staying with family there.” He was. He had told his acquaintances “he wants to die by suicide by police.” He tried.

When law enforcement rolled up on the apartment complex, he saw them coming in, “broke out a window and ran out of the front door while shooting at officers.” That’s when he hit the Marshal.

The rest of the unit weren’t shy returning fire and filled Thomas with an impressive number of holes. The press likes to state the obvious in sketchy ways. “A loaded gun belonging to Thomas was recovered at the scene.” That doesn’t mean it’s the one he used though they imply.

BLM on the march

Simply because a Black criminal was shot by police, everyone knows that Black Lives Matter is already planning the protests.

They are peacefully getting together the improvised armor and weapons, filling up the Molotov cocktails and rolling out the BLM banners in preparation for peacefully doing things that nobody wants to call insurrection. The Marshal and his buddies won’t be around for this one.

The Ohio Bureau of Investigation will be investigating the incident since it is an officer-involved shooting, even though it was a federal Marshal involved, not a local cop.

Thomas is accounted for and won’t be going far from his hospital bed for a while. Meanwhile, “Danville Police are still searching for a second suspect in the Travel Inn robbery, 28-year-old Antonio Stanfield.” They want you to call “if you know where he is.”


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