Bill Gates Decides to Play God


Sure, there are lots of great things that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos can do at the edge of space but Bill Gates wants to play God right here on Earth by eliminating noxious diseases like malaria. Instead of using his own money, he can get federal grants to commit viruscide under the cover of biowarfare experiments.

Bill Gates goes viral

The club of world’s richest men seem to be gravitating into two separate teams of interest. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the two richest men on the planet, are working real hard to get off it. They want to re-engineer the solar system and “make humans an interplanetary species.” Gates wants to focus on keeping humans healthy right here at home. His idea is conducting bio-warfare against diseases.

Some say that playing God is a risky thing and even though diseases like tuberculosis or polio don’t seem to play a beneficial role, there may be hidden consequences to eliminating them, or a bad accident might happen which could end up eliminating us instead.

Forbes puts Gates at number 4 on the list of richest men in the world, behind Bernard Arnault, the Frenchman who owns Louis Vuitton and other luxury names. The Microsoft mogul told CNN he prefers putting his money into social issues instead of money making ones.

“The space race, a lot of that is a commercial market. Having great internet connections throughout Africa is a good thing. Using observation satellites to see what’s going on with agriculture and climate change. So that’s not philanthropically motivated altogether. I do hope that people who are rich will find ways to give their wealth back to society with high impact. Clearly, they’ve got skills. They can’t, or shouldn’t, want to consume it all themselves.”

Bill Gates won’t rest easy until “we can get rid of malaria and tuberculosis, and all these diseases that are so terrible in poor countries, that’s going to be my total focus.”

He’s trying to keep his mind off all the work it takes to get Melinda’s name off everything, now that she’s divorced him. He touts his philanthropy but winces when he has to say her name. “A Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnership with the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court has just successfully helped eradicate onchocerciasis, commonly known as river blindness, in Niger,” he notes.

Completely eliminated

Niger is the first country where river blindness was totally eliminated, but Gates promises it won’t be the last. The disease, he explains, “is transmitted to humans through exposure to repeated bites of infected blackflies and can cause permanent blindness.”

Over 99 percent of those infected “live in 31 African countries,” the World Health Organization notes.” Now it’s down to 30. “Having Niger be the first country declared completely eliminated of river blindness, it shows we can get it done for the whole continent.”

His next big project, Gates reports, is to eradicate polio. “That’s a big, important cause to me. So, if Afghanistan can stay stable, it looks like we’ll finally get wild polio down to zero. And we’ve been working on that for over 20 years.”

It also gives him an excuse to travel to Afghanistan anytime someone important thinks he should. If Antony Blinken showed his face in Kabul, he would be the one “completely eliminated.”

Forget about places like Portland, Oregon or San Francisco, “we really need to invest in the health of Africa, so children survive, so they have good nutrition.”

The way Bill Gates sees it, “that’s the future, so they can be well educated and lift up the continent.” In other words, African Black Lives Matter.


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