FBI Misconduct Sends Shock Waves Through Deep State


There is so much misconduct going on inside the Federal Bureau of Instigation that people are wondering which side of the law the FBI is really on. Instead of stopping crimes, they’re engineering Deep State political mayhem. From the living-room social media level, all the way up to the Oval Office.

Clandestine misconduct exposed

Yet another incident of FBI misconduct, “entrapment,” has been exposed. The thing which sent progressives into panic mode is that the evil deeds were brought to light by BuzzFeed. That’s the same far-left propaganda mill who dared to publish Christopher Steele’s now-debunked dirty dossier in it’s entirety.

With patriotic Americans shouting the praises of Nationalism far and wide under former President Donald Trump, in an attempt to Make America Great Again, the Deep State forces of global darkness got so desperate that their over-the-top schemes have boiled over. As a fresh set of evil secrets blasts up and out from under their clandestine covers, it looks more and more like someone with unlimited resources and bottomless pockets is calling the shots inside the J. Edgar Hoover building. Someone a whole lot higher on the Globalist New World Order food chain than either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

In order to discredit the entire conservative nationalist movement, the Deep State needed to portray Second Amendment loving, Constitution supporting people who prefer law and order to decriminalized open borders anarchy, as violent extremists out to overthrow the government. The fact the government in power was behind them only made the Deep State more desperate.

They used a special targeted operation against Trump which seems to have resulted in the January 6 barbarian invasion, right on “Q.” But, that’s another misconduct story. Today, we’re looking at the alleged kidnap attempt of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The plot allegedly foiled by the FBI on October 8, 2020 was apparently set up and executed by FBI agents and informers. Such misconduct is generally called “entrapment.” With the trial of the core defendants gearing up to grab the headlines, the pre-trial motion flurry reveals some interesting Deep State rabbit holes in the prosecution case. FBI agent Jayson Chambers for starters.

Those “who had worked the case knew that his role helping to run a central informant had been crucial.” He ran informants the way Ollie North ran Iran Contra, his own private army of White Power terror commandos. The FBI even appears to have trained them.

Chambers won’t be testifying

Five days after BuzzFeed blew his cover in August, “federal prosecutors announced that he would not be on the list of witnesses testifying in the upcoming trial.” If that wasn’t bad enough news for globalists, more misconduct has surfaced.

“A second FBI agent, who had served as the case’s public face, was charged with beating his wife when they returned home from a swingers party.” A “third agent was accused of perjury.” Meanwhile, “a state prosecutor in a related case was reassigned and then retired in the face of an audit into his prior use of informants.”

Speaking of informants, one “crucial to the investigation” was “indicted on a gun charge and is now under investigation for fraud.” Stephen Robeson was a fed rat who “identified and recruited potential targets in multiple states.”

He also “organized many of the events” which turned out to be the hatching of a kidnap plan. The FBI claims they know nothing about the misconduct of their carefully handled asset.

Defense attorneys hired private investigators to look into agent Chambers and his background. They plan to argue “the defendants were entrapped by an overzealous and compromised investigation.”

In total, 14 men were accused and charged in 3 separate courts. Six of them are facing life in prison. Many were members of the Wolverine Watchmen. On Monday, December 20, a Michigan state judge will hold a hearing on a motion filed by three of them who claim they were the victims of entrapment. The FBI has a shady history of misconduct when it comes to informants.


FBI rat misconduct

The FBI wouldn’t be able to do a thing without rats. “The FBI has long relied on undercover agents and confidential informants.” These are all civilians, and “some of them paid for their service to infiltrate closed groups.” Like the Bundy bunch up in Malheur or the Proud Boys. Similar misconduct is also alleged in both of those.

As BuzzFeed points out, “officially, these agents and informants are supposed to blend in and report back, not to directly steer the group’s actions and certainly not to push them to commit crimes the groups would not otherwise have contemplated.” That is just what happened though, the evidence suggests.

“At least a dozen confidential informants, as well as two or more undercover FBI agents,” worked the Michigan kidnapping case. The misconduct comes in when allegedly “defendants built and detonated bombs, twice surveilled Whitmer’s vacation home, talked about trying and executing her, and practiced forcibly entering structures they called ‘kill houses.'”

What the FBI doesn’t want to talk about is at “the center of much of that action was Stephen Robeson, an informant who had a long history of criminal behavior.” All those were his ideas.

After a patriotic themed meeting “in a private room at a Delaware tavern said to have been a gathering place for the Founding Fathers,” Robeson “ushered many of his guests to nearby hotel rooms, where he got them to vent their anger about governors who enacted COVID-19 restrictions.” The ones who made sympathetic noises were indoctrinated into the Deep State plot.

“He also urged people to plan violent actions against elected officials and to acquire weapons and bomb-making materials. Some of those contacts say he called them nearly every day.” That sounds like misconduct to most folks. The prosecution might not be calling him but the Defense will. “They say he can shine a light on what the government did to drag targets into the alleged plot and on the FBI’s conduct overall.”


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