Big Pharma Dems Bought and Paid For, and How They are Manipulating Joe Biden


As some of the most powerful figures in the world wield their massive influence to push for mass CCP Coronavirus vaccination, a handful of Democrats are trying to slow it down. Not for additional testing, or out of a sense of caution or concern. No, it’s all about the Big Pharma money.

Doing The Bidding Of Big Pharma

As a letter to the White House circulates the Hill urging Biden “to temporarily lift Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) that prevent many developing countries from manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines” according to HuffPo, nine House Democrats that are on the list of the top 25 recipients of pharmaceutical industry PAC donations have refused to sign it.

It gets even better, Daniel Marans’ wrote that two Congressmen:

“Democratic Reps. Scott Peters (Calif.) and Ron Kind (Wis.)—Nos. 7 and 19, respectively, on the top 25 list—have actually solicited support for another letter to Biden asking him to not waive the intellectual property rules,”

The other seven members of Congress were, Reps. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.), Richard Neal (D-MA), Anna Eshoo (D-CA), Robin Kelly (D-IL), Brad Schneider (D-IL), Kurt Schrader (D-OR), and Raul Ruiz (D-CA).

Dems Called For Vaccine Patent Waivers For Months

The hypocrisy of Congressional Democrats is staggering. Since the early days of the Biden Campaign all major players among the Democratic party have been screaming for patents on the COVID19 vaccines to be waived, thus allowing for third world countries to bein producing the vaccine domestically.’

Even Joe Biden himself,

Dean Baker, co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) wrote,

“With the pandemic costing millions of lives around the world and costing our economies trillions in lost output,” Baker wrote earlier this month, “we really should be asking whether the current system serves us well in producing vaccines, tests, and treatments. Incredibly, public debate is so dominated by the pharmaceutical industry and its allies that we are primarily seeing celebration of the system’s dubious claims to success, rather than discussions of the ways in which system was and is failing us in addressing the pandemic.”

To add another layer to this intrigue, if the talking points of the Democratic party and the Dr. Faucis and World Health Organization leaders of the world are to be believed. Wouldn’t the ready access to the vaccine be the most important thing in the world? If so, why are the Democrats allowing some of their own to thwart their efforts? Why aren’t the leftists calling out the heretics among them?



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