Big Pharma and Joe team up to Deepen the Swamp


Biden is expected to make a scripted announcement today that Big Pharma rivals Merck & Co. and Johnson & Johnson will collaborate to mass produce the J&J COVID19 single shot vaccine.

This development will no doubt please Biden’s backers who are depending on him to reverse Trump policies on drug pricing as reported by newsweek in September. According to,

“The pharmaceuticals and health products industry has donated more than $5.9 million to Biden’s presidential campaign,”

This odd match comes as Merck & Co. discontinued their vaccine development following “early clinical trial data showed an “inferior” immune response.” according to NBC. And Johnson & Johnson’s new single shot vaccine was described as a “game changer” and rushed through CDC emergency approval, but J&J’s production had fallen behind.

The rare alliance of two Big Pharma competitors is ““an unusual pact between fierce competitors that could sharply boost the supply of the newly authorized vaccine, according to senior administration officials.” as reported in The Washington Post.

Joe Desperate to Overshadow Trump’s Operation Warp Speed

The Biden-Harris regime is expected to announce this unlikely collaboration later Tuesday. White House officials confirmed to the Post that they had been “searching for additional ways to boost vaccine production after Johnson & Johnson fell behind schedule.” In short: J&J’s have the vaccine, but Merck has the muscle.

Under the arrangement, Merck will dedicate two facilities in the United States to Johnson & Johnson’s shots. One will provide “fill-finish” services, the last stage of the production process during which the vaccine substance is placed in vials and packaged for distribution. The other will make the vaccine itself, and has the potential to vastly increase supply, perhaps even doubling what Johnson & Johnson could make on its own, the officials said.

Biden will use his assumed powers under the Defense Production Act as President Trump did before him to pump up PPE and ventilator production, to help Merck acquire the additional equipment they need to ramp up production.

Still Fueling Fear Despite This Huge Advance

Biden-Harris’ CDC and the mainstream media are still selling fear despite the amazing work of American industry “let of the chain” by President Trump’s initial COVID response. NBC reports that, “CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and other top officials warned Monday that states shouldn’t be loosening their Covid-19 restrictions yet. They said they’re concerned that Covid-19 cases have stopped falling and that loosening rules could lead to another surge.”

It would seem that giving the American people some hope for a return to normalcy just isn’t in their strategy. Not when it benefits the Progressive-Socialists and Big Pharma in an unholy alliance.


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