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Democrat Bill Would Create ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’ for Kindergarten Students


Democrats in the New York State Assembly are seeking to add ‘Comprehensive Sexuality Education’ to their KINDERGARTEN curriculum. Yes, you read that right. Kindergarteners aged 4-6. And just wait, it gets a lot worse the older the children get.

UniteAmericaFirst.com reports that, “Parents will not be able to allow their children an opt-out option.” New York state Sen. Samra G. Brouk explained,

“In kindergarten, that looks like basic lessons about friendship and communication, providing students with the building blocks they need to tackle issues like consent and sexual health years later in middle and high school,”

she wrote attempting to justify the bill to incredulous colleagues.

“At older ages those lessons include health matters like preventing unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.”

It Doesn’t Stop in Kindergarten Either, It Only Gets Worse

In spite of parents’ serious concerns over the implications of transgenderism and homosexuality from religious, cultural and medical standpoints curricula validating what many view as mortal sin and/or psychological illness will be MANDATORY in New York.

 Fox News reports,

“According to the latest curriculum laid out by the SIECUS, students start sexual education as kindergartners and by second grade, should be able to “define reproduction;” “list medically accurate names for body parts, including the genitals;” and here’s the kicker:

What the good State Senator left out of her initial explanation is that students in Second grade are expected to,

“discuss the range of ways people express their gender and how gender-role stereotypes may limit behavior.”

Oh but wait there’s even more down the social justice indoctrination rabbit-hole, (forgive the shameless namedrop). The New York Post tell us, that the Senator’s Legislation

“would tie New York’s health curriculum to standards written by a left-wing interest group that advocates “Sex Ed for Social Change” — and would make those lessons mandatory statewide.

Under that group’s current standards, public and charter schools would have to teach 5-year-olds about “gender identity” and instruct 8-year-olds on hormone blockers to prevent puberty in transgender-identifying preteens.”

The Post further wrote that, “Kids as young as 11 would get lectures on “vaginal, oral, and anal sex”; study “queer, two-spirit, asexual, pansexual” and other gender identities; and receive EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION (*emphasis added) on the use of external and internal condoms, dental dams and other contraceptives.”

How Is This Legal?(Simple: It Isn’t…They Just Don’t Care)

Never mind the blatantly obvious moral and ethical implications of that statement for a minute. Doesn’t this present a legal quagmire of exposing minors to obscene content which is a federal crime? Full. Stop.

Justice.gov tells us, in “Obscenity Law and Minors

          Federal law strictly prohibits the distribution of obscene matter to minors. Any transfer or attempt to transfer such material to a minor under the age of 16, including over the Internet, is punishable under federal law.  It is also illegal to use misleading website domain names with intent to deceive a minor into viewing harmful or obscene material.  For example, using a cartoon character or children’s television program in the domain of a website that contains harmful or obscene material may be punishable under federal law.
          In addition, visual representations, such as drawings, cartoons, or paintings that appear to depict minors engaged in sexual activity and are obscene are also illegal under federal law.
          It is important to note that the standard for what is harmful to minors may be different than the standard for adults, and offenders convicted of obscenity crimes involving minors face harsher penalties than if the crimes involved only adults (For more information, see Citizen’s Guide to Federal Law on Obscenity).”

Dear Reader,

Kindergarten is supposed to be about sharing, snack time, recess, naps, and counting and the alphabet, shapes and colors and learning to play and interact with others. NOT SEX.

Your typical 5 year old can’t be trusted not to eat all of the cookies or draw on the walls or eat the crayons for that matter. The concept that they are ready to discuss gender roles and sexual orientation is sheer INSANITY.

I typically avoid writing in the first person as it isn’t seen as professional, but I’m a father, I’m a Christian, I’m an American and I’m a human being, as all of those I tell you: this is child-abuse and victim grooming plain and simple. It cannot be allowed.

Only in a land that has fatally lost touch with its’ morals, principles and ethics is this possible. How tragically, morally bereft we have become.

Home-schooling is the answer for my family. If you are concerned this is coming to your state (it probably is) and would like some info about home-schooling check out my colleague Sam Sorbo’s home-schooling site . Ultimately the education of our children isn’t the responsibility of any government, its ours as parents. God Bless.





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