Biden Admin Funding Policy That Pay For The Murder of Americans and Israelis


The Biden-Harris regime is going back to the old Democrat ways that turn a blind eye to the betrayals, murder and deprivations of the so-called “Palestinian Authority” the thin veneer by which the Hamas Terrorist organization treats with the world. Biden’s disdain for Israel is well reported, but this is a new low. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with Sandy Gerber and Stuart Force wrote,

“The Biden Administration has signaled its desire to resume aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a way to jumpstart the moribund Israeli-Palestinian “peace process.” The obstacle to peace, however, is not the absence of U.S. assistance but the PA’s incentivizing of terrorism.

The bipartisan Taylor Force Act blocks U.S. funding for the PA until it changes this behavior. There is no indication that it has, making any resumption of U.S. taxpayer aid a contravention of this important law and a further hindrance to peace.”

Pompeo described the “Pay for slay” policy in 2016 as being highlighted by the murder of Taylor Force in Tel Aviv, Israel where he was stabbed to death by a killer the Palestinian Authority called a “heroic martyr”. This “martyr” has a family who has received benefit payments from the Palestinians since he was imprisoned.

The Disgusting “Pay for Slay” Palestinian Policy To Murder Israelis for Cash Benefits went into greater detail in 2016,

“The PA created the Prisoners and Released Prisoners Ministry to administer this program of support. The ministry received a PA budget allocation of $118 million in 2014 and $140 million in 2016.4 To provide for the families of dead terrorists, the PA created the Institution for the Care for the Families of the Martyrs. Its allocation was $163 million in 2014 and $175 million in 2016.5

As the Palestinians have definitely not changed their “pay for slay” scheme, this would place the Biden-Harris regime in clear violation of the Taylor Force Act.

Pompeo wrote further “the Biden Administration claims renewed aid for the Palestinian people will not violate TFA, which bars aid programs that “directly benefit” the PA.  And news reports indicate the PA believes it can satisfy the Administration by making terrorist compensation “needs based” rather than based on the success of attacks, as it is now.” However, the TFA already exempted aid for water treatment, vaccination, money for hospitals and other needful programs that don’t line the pockets of these “martyr” families with blood money. So what is the Biden State department’s aim?

The intent is clear: to circumvent a law that was passed to prevent American tax dollars from rewarding the murder of Americans and Israelis for profit. Not only putting America, but also our allies last.



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