At least 5 dead, 40 injured Horrific Situation for Families


Five are reported dead in a domestic terror situation at a Wisconsin Christmas parade on Sunday. Most, if not all, of the deceased were members of the “Dancing Grannies.” The local children’s hospital is trying to cope with a “mass casualty” event, because 18 of the 40 injured victims were children. As expected, the not-guilty verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse has prompted a domestic terror incident against privileged White Christians. Meanwhile, the local police won’t even admit the possibility. They aren’t saying much of anything. We can’t even be sure how many suspects there are.

Domestic terror situation

This looks a whole lot like a left-wing domestic terror situation but police are treating it like it’s no big deal. They won’t even admit how many suspects there are. On top of that, they try to claim the one they have in custody wasn’t intentionally trying to run down White people, he was only fleeing from an ordinary knife fight. The alleged driver’s now scrubbed Facebook page shoots that defense full of holes.

“Our region has experienced mass casualty events in the past but none in recent history involving such a large number of children.” said Dr. Amy Drendel. She’s medical director for Children’s Wisconsin Emergency Department and Trauma Center.

The crowd reports there were three suspects, with the missing two either black or Arabic, yet the police are barely admitting they have one suspect in custody. They didn’t even want his name to get out, but it did.

Now they’re scrambling to figure out what to tell the public about the rapidly unfolding situation. A press conference is scheduled for any moment, as of this writing. “Six people” were “operated on Sunday night and two more” will be in surgery on Monday.

Multiple videos are making the rounds showing the same situation from different angles as the maroon colored SUV “sped through barricades and struck dancers, musicians and others.” Waukesha is only 55 miles from Kenosha, scene of the Rittenhouse controversy.

Two Waukesha cops leaked to the press that the driver has been identified as 39-year-old Darrell Brooks. A quick check of online court records revealed he has a violent history. Not only does he have two open cases in the county, he was released just Friday in one of them, when he came up with his $1,000 bond.

No immediate details

Despite the video and audio which confirms multiple gunshots, Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson “gave no immediate details about the person or any possible motive.” The Chief is playing Johnnie Tightlips.

“He did not know if the driver was hit by the officer’s bullets but that no bystanders were wounded.” As more information about the situation and the suspects comes to light, the main suspects Facebook page quietly disappeared. Not before Andy Ngo got a good look at it though.

According to Ngo’s post on Twitter about the situation, Brooks “posted a quote in 2016 on a now-deactivated Facebook account: ‘Run them over. Keep traffic flowing & don’t slow down for any of these idiots…'” That’s just what he did.

“There were small children laying all over the road. There were police officers and EMTs doing CPR on multiple members of the parade,” Chris Germain, co-owner of the Aspire Dance Center studio relates.

Unconfirmed reports claim that as part of what looks a lot like a domestic terror situation, “someone inside the SUV had fired shots and that police returned fire.” All that Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson will grudgingly reveal is that “the scene of the attack is now safe and that police have located the suspect vehicle and have a person of interest in custody.”

He also verified “a police officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect’s vehicle.” The reason why Brooks was in jail up until Friday involves a rather similar incident. A “woman told police Brooks purposefully ran her ‘over with his vehicle’ while she was walking through a gas station parking lot after he had followed her there after a fight. The woman was hospitalized for her injuries.”


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